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Wednesday, 22 June 2011

A Little Sister for Lydia....

A Little Sister for Lydia

Dear little sister, i hope you become my very best friend.
I don't want you to steal my stuff but you can borrow it.
I don't want you to hog Mumma, we can share her.

I love you already without even realising it,
I hope our first hug is going to be as magical as mine was with Mumma.

Mumma likes hugs and kisses so be sure to give her lots,
but don't forget me. I like them to :)

I will hold you hand when you scared and chase away nasty children,
i will play with you and not moan about you being a 'baby'.
I will help Mumma when you need a nappy change,
or be good when your hungry and need Mumma for milk :)

But please keep the noise down when you cry
otherwise i will cry to :'(
I do know how to put my fingers in my ears though!

I know I've not met you yet, but if you like me your going to be awesome!!!

And remember Mumma loves us both,
because we're the best of course!

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