Welcome to my blog! I started my blog to let you in on a little bit of my life. My life as me, as a mumma, as a Coeliac and my product reviews.

Sunday, 20 June 2010

Father's day

Today was Justin's first father's day.
Lydia (i) got him a 'daddy cool' t-shirt, apple Smirnoff, Bassetts, Kubrick toys x3, t-shirt for Lydia 'i love dad' (H&M), me-to-you 'daddy' bear and a beautiful photo frame with pictures of the two of them together. Two cards, one from me and one from little miss clever pants!
They both had they're new tops on (me left out? nah! he he)We went for a lovely walk around our local park, went in a few local shops and sat in the park with gluten free samosas,pakoras and some Dr Pepper (so miss-understood!lol)
I am treating the daddy to a Chinese take-away tonight as he doesn't want to go out for a meal? I don't mind, its yummy and cheaper!!!! Plus then i can have a small drink of his new vodka! Oooh cheeky mummy!
My dad got a Lorreal men set, Toblerone, Montezuma butterscotch, batten burg cake, picture frame with Lydia in it, and i took him for a coffee. He also had two cards, one from me and one from Lydia that said 'grandad' on it. (So sweet!)
How was fathers day for you?

Saturday, 19 June 2010

Busy mummy the mentalist

I feel like am loosing the plot, getting ready to go out and need something specific i.e. parcels for the post office. I undoubtedly will leave without them,jewellery,mobile,cardie etc... Being a mummy makes you loopy!

I have been forgetting to take my mastitis medication :0( and running around like a headless chicken on little sleep, due to teething troubles! Yesterday i had two cups of coffee, bad mistake as it seemed to effect Lydia! She wouldn't go down to sleep until midnight! Silly mummy!

Been into town to get a new phone as i stupidly dropped mine in a cheeky glass of rum and coke! (I still drank it though!) Meeting my sister in law and my three naughty,cheeky monkey niece's,coffee with dad,meeting Justin from work,arranging to pick a baby monitor from eBay and sorting out my week ahead! So far i am going to go out for fathers day,post office,baby club,bosom buddies,Salisbury (day trip),another baby club,shopping trip in Shoreham to spend baby vouchers and swimming. Jam packed week for someone who is supposed to be 'taking it easy'! I would like to ask the doctor's how on earth they expect me to 'take it easy' with a 5month old to entertain!!! Also have a few 'UN-confirmed' time/date meetings with people from work! Nearly finished another book though,so thats good. I have been reading whilst i feed Lydia, however its becoming more challenging as she now realises and tries to grab the book off me! She is becoming so easily distracted!

Screaming can be heard.........Its feeding time again so i am off for now.

Must remember to take my antibiotics!!!!!

Thursday, 17 June 2010

Virgin blogger

Hello all and welcome to my first ever blog. I hear you chanting virgin at me! STOP IT! Lol

So the challenge of being a parent is ever growing like my love for Lydia. You can't fathom the immensity of love you have for you child when they're born, and it just keeps on growing and getting stronger.

Lydia will be 5months old on the 21st! How time flys when your having fun. Even when your not having fun its all worth while when you get a smile after hours of screaming.

At the moment i have my first 'mummy illness', Mastitis. Needless to say it is not fun! Very painfull and tiring to say the least when you have a very hungry,demanding baby to breastfeed! I have antibiotics from the doctor. He reassured me that only a very small amount, if any, will pass onto Lydia. And if it doe's it will only help her cough/cold/teething and sore bum problems anyway.

You could say she helped me write this, as she is led on my legs feeding as i write!

Well i hope you enjoywd my first ever blog, feel free to leave a comment. Thankyou for reading, and look out for post number 2.