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Thursday, 17 June 2010

Virgin blogger

Hello all and welcome to my first ever blog. I hear you chanting virgin at me! STOP IT! Lol

So the challenge of being a parent is ever growing like my love for Lydia. You can't fathom the immensity of love you have for you child when they're born, and it just keeps on growing and getting stronger.

Lydia will be 5months old on the 21st! How time flys when your having fun. Even when your not having fun its all worth while when you get a smile after hours of screaming.

At the moment i have my first 'mummy illness', Mastitis. Needless to say it is not fun! Very painfull and tiring to say the least when you have a very hungry,demanding baby to breastfeed! I have antibiotics from the doctor. He reassured me that only a very small amount, if any, will pass onto Lydia. And if it doe's it will only help her cough/cold/teething and sore bum problems anyway.

You could say she helped me write this, as she is led on my legs feeding as i write!

Well i hope you enjoywd my first ever blog, feel free to leave a comment. Thankyou for reading, and look out for post number 2.

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