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Friday, 10 February 2012

Review: The Essential One - Fur Baby Snowsuit/Pramsuit

Oh baby it's cold outside....

Lydia making sure her sister is tucked in :)

I was sent a beautifully soft snowsuit for my newborn to test run! Being a chunky monkey she fitted right into size 0-3mths straight away. This picture is her at 8days old weighing 9lb8oz, eek!
The snowsuit was very easy to use. Two zips down the length of the body which enable access to get baby in and out of it with much less disturbance than the suits that only have one zip. The front panel flaps down and there's baby! With mitts that popper on and off its perfect as you can use them with other things, or popper them on so you don't loose them when your out and about.

Also sporting one of her Essential One hats here, she is super warm and toasty. Ready to brave this cold spell. I really love how soft the fabric is, making her super cuddly that i never wanted her to grown out of it.  However being the size she is it only fit her up to 5wks old. She weighed 13lb5oz at 5wk6days , and was 59cm long! Now the actual snow has arrived and she is 13wks old and needing a new one aged 6-9mths! Luckily my friend had brought her older son one of these when he was born so she has passed it down to Séraphine to wear :)

I wish these were made in adult size, just look how happy she was...

So if you know of a small person whom you very much love and wish to keep toasty in this evil weather, then i recommend this lovely little purchase.
Available in a few different colours for boys/girls or as a gift for an unborn you don't yet know the sex of. At £28 it is the going price for a snowsuit, but at this standard of quality and warmth it is well worth it! Plus you can purchase accessories to match it.

Thursday, 9 February 2012

Wow life's crazy now!

Well the title says it all really.

Séraphine is now 12wks6days old and things are settling down, if you ignore the teething and refusing to sleep until gone midnight! Lydia is doing really well as a big sister. Not to much jealously or violent acts, however the terrible 2's has most deffinatly set in!

She had a Mr Men themed birthday party at the local libary which your allowed food & drink in. I made a Miss Whoop's cake, very pleased with the result! I need to add a picture of that...

Life has been a bit crazy to say the least, at the moment i am chuffed if i manage to get everyone ready to get out the door. Let alone having a shower or properly dressing myself!

Sorry it's been short, but it was sweet....