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Thursday, 9 February 2012

Wow life's crazy now!

Well the title says it all really.

Séraphine is now 12wks6days old and things are settling down, if you ignore the teething and refusing to sleep until gone midnight! Lydia is doing really well as a big sister. Not to much jealously or violent acts, however the terrible 2's has most deffinatly set in!

She had a Mr Men themed birthday party at the local libary which your allowed food & drink in. I made a Miss Whoop's cake, very pleased with the result! I need to add a picture of that...

Life has been a bit crazy to say the least, at the moment i am chuffed if i manage to get everyone ready to get out the door. Let alone having a shower or properly dressing myself!

Sorry it's been short, but it was sweet....

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