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Sunday, 20 June 2010

Father's day

Today was Justin's first father's day.
Lydia (i) got him a 'daddy cool' t-shirt, apple Smirnoff, Bassetts, Kubrick toys x3, t-shirt for Lydia 'i love dad' (H&M), me-to-you 'daddy' bear and a beautiful photo frame with pictures of the two of them together. Two cards, one from me and one from little miss clever pants!
They both had they're new tops on (me left out? nah! he he)We went for a lovely walk around our local park, went in a few local shops and sat in the park with gluten free samosas,pakoras and some Dr Pepper (so miss-understood!lol)
I am treating the daddy to a Chinese take-away tonight as he doesn't want to go out for a meal? I don't mind, its yummy and cheaper!!!! Plus then i can have a small drink of his new vodka! Oooh cheeky mummy!
My dad got a Lorreal men set, Toblerone, Montezuma butterscotch, batten burg cake, picture frame with Lydia in it, and i took him for a coffee. He also had two cards, one from me and one from Lydia that said 'grandad' on it. (So sweet!)
How was fathers day for you?

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