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Tuesday, 20 July 2010

Whats happening?

Recently home life has been super stressful!
We were 2/3 way of sorting out the flat,tidying and making more room. Having a massive sort out and clean up! It was going so well until....
The landlady decided we need the kitchen doing, mice invaded and it got gutted! So all the kitchen stuff is in the front room! Whilst there she decided to look at the bathroom, oh dear! She got the floor boards ripped up and the sink is now hanging off the wall and the bath is half usable with no side panel or sealant and all the stuff is in the bedroom!!! So we only have the sofa and the bed for space. Which, due to the lack of space has been causing a lot of tension and STRESS!!!!!!!
I have been trying to escape the house everyday to get out of the madness, but there's only so many times in a week that you can wander around preston park or london road without feeling like you've lost the plot!
Now,amongst the chaos we have almost masterd a bedtime routine. And i thought i would try to do something for me.....
I managed to find myself again! Its been 6months but i did it!
In the bath of all places!
I had a glorious 40Min's all to myself! Cava,candles and a good book. Bath full to the brim and baby monitor on the side and peace in my head!
It was great to 'find myself' again and relax, soaking away the aches and pains of motherhood, forgetting about all the housework that's been put on standby and just being me!
And let me tell you, i am fabulous!

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  1. Kitchen work is 75% done, hopefully we can all relax soon when its finished. 3months of a distruptive house,not even a cent off the rent! grrrrr


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