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Saturday, 31 July 2010

Things to do before your due....

Before having Lydia i was reading something online about 'the top 14 things to do before your due', and i thought they never mentioned a good few things that i could think of!

  1. Before your the size of a whale shave your lady parts and cut/paint your toe nails
  2. Have lots of sex whilst you still have time/not sore/feel like it
  3. Cook/bake some really nice meals as its takeaways from birth onwards!
  4. Have an arts&crafts day before you can't use a needle anymore for fear of dropping it and the baby eating it!
  5. Play some really loud music as its hush-hush as soon as you pop!
  6. Watch some really good films as you will no longer have that amount of UN-interrupted time for another 18yrs or so
  7. Arrange to see all of your friends as half of them will disappear as soon as you become a mummy!
  8. Have an interesting /normal conversation with you other half, as its all nappie's,puke and poop after!
  9. Go shopping just for yourself, afterwards you won't be able to go out and return home without having got the baby a present!
  10. Enjoy your lie-in's and duvet days before you have to go for days on end without rest or sleep!
  11. Wear some really nice perfume. Its going to be a good few years where all you can smell is sick and poop!
  12. Have a long soak in the bath with candles and alcohol-free fizzy wine. Its a quick shower if your lucky when baby's here.
  13. Read a really good book and get into it, as it'l be a sentence a week soon!
  14. Remember to join a mum's disscussion forum so you can rant and get advice once they arrive,trust me they're a life saver!

I could go on,but i think i've made my point xxx

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