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Thursday, 26 August 2010

2birds in my bra and other tales of woe...

In photo: Tit-milk!

So, i after 7mths of successfully breastfeeding i have nipple thrush!' Eww you dirty cow' i thought? Its got nothing to do with hygiene as i initially thought. Its all to do with Lydia's increase in feeds and her making my nipples super wet from teething dribble!!! Mmm, nice! lol
Now i have to rub them (ooh sounds kinky!) three times a day with cream from my doctor!
I am going to get through this, some people give up breastfeeding because of it. I am not some-people. I am me! And i regard Lydia's health and well-being above my own. Super mum! :0)
Not sleeping again.... Lydia go's down around 7/7.30pm-ish and wakes around 11pm for a feed. Sometimes again at 2.30am/5.30am then its up and about for 7am. However the last few nights i have not been able to drop off? Over active mind and over tiredness me thinks. In the end i just get up and go online or write letters to my buddy in South Africa. (We miss you Sarah and Marlow) Don't nod off until 2am and then its only 30mins until a feed! Brain what are you playing at?!?
On a good note.......
I won something!!! I never win anything!!! It wasn't really that hard though, and i already have one! But i won a NUBY teether toy for Lydia. They had a competition on facebook for the first 25 people to join their page and email them. I was number 13, unlucky for some.

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