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Friday, 15 July 2011

Post by Lydia: My friend Tommy...

Last weekend Mumma and Daddy took to me to Bath for a holiday :) We we're to be staying with Grandad Peter and Grandma Julia. Daddy got a hire car on Friday morning and we set off...

Testing out Mumma's seat for her

Its hard work all this travelling, i had to have a quick nap before we stopped for lunch

Then it was a picnic at Rownhams service station. I've been there so many times now, i was disappointed that the playground was closed though :(

I of course took Dora with me, can't leave my baby behind can i! Here is a photo Mumma took of us...

We made another pit stop before we got to Bath. Mumma said it was because i was having a paddy and needed calming down, but i think she was just blaming me for something i didn't do. See it was Dora who was screaming and kicking her legs. NOT ME!

We arrived at Peter & Julia's house at about 4.30/5pm. It looked like knowone was in so Mumma went around the back and found Peter in the conservatory. 
Peter let us in and made us a cup of tea, Mumma and Daddy got all of our stuff in just before Julia returned home. Julia then made a gorgeous Thai chicken curry for dinner and we had ice-cream and raspberry's freshly picked from their garden.

The next morning i woke up to some presents. Julia had brought me 2 lovely outfits, a dress and a rain jacket. She'd also got me some shoes but because i have big feet like Mumma they didn't fit me :(
I decided it was time for a fashion show and tried on all my new gear whilst dangling the hangers from my wrists, its the new rage you know.


Shortly after the fashion show Julia took me into the garden to meet some of the neighbours and show me and Mumma what fruit and vegetables she has growing there.
This is Nanny....

And her two friends....

After the adults had a naughty breakfast of bacon and egg sandwiches we all headed off into Bath centre to do some shopping. Daddy brought me some lovely shoes, jeans and some winter accessories. Mumma told me i can share them with my sister, but she's not here yet. Silly Mumma!

After a coffee stop at M&S i decided to test the adults, lets see how far away i could run without them realising. I waited for Daddy to get his wallet out and i slinked off into the menswear section, i managed about 10metres before Mumma shouted 'Where's Lydia!?!'
Everyone was looking for me and Mumma got quite upset about it. I didn't like being told off so i decided to scream at her and hold my breath until i went blue, floppy and passed out in her arms for a minute or two.
I was OK though, don't think i will do that again anytime soon. I will wait until i am bigger then i can run faster!

So when we had all calmed down we headed off towards the river, we stopped to get some ice-cream on the way (apparently as i nodded off and was told i missed ice-cream!). Then we all got on the boat that takes you up the Wier, i only woke up just before we had to get off though. I was knackered from my tantrum!

 We then got off at the top of the Weir for some lunch.

We ate in the Bathampton arms...

Then we got a return boat ride before they finished up for the night. This time i was awake for the whole journey! I changed into another of my new outfits and watched the ducks swim by.

Back at our home for the weekend we all relaxed after a busy day. Mumma sat down and watched the horse's next door whilst i played with Daddy.

On Sunday i put my new dress on and went into the garden for breakfast, i heard a really strange noise. Funny, but very odd. I asked Mumma what it was and she told me they're sheep! What is a sheep? We went to have a look at them down the bottom of the garden but they ran away i we got there, don't think they liked me :( But i loved copying the noise, 'Bahhhhh'

When Peter woke up he said he would take us to meet the chickens and horse's. I had no idea what he was on about until i was handed over the fence and we walked towards this massive shiny black animal and a smaller grey and white one. Horse's!!! Oh i like them, the small one is called Tommy. He is my friend...

He gave me lots of kisses and let me sit on his back for a bit...

Then it was off to the chicken coop, whatever one of them is? Tommy and his mate didn't want us to go and followed us all the way down...

We kindly asked them to wait for us and we went on.

I really like chickens, they make funny noise's. I asked if i could get in with them, i was allowed and i petted some of them.

After the chickens we headed back towards home. Tommy and his friend were still waiting for us and walked us back up towards the fence. I told Tommy i would come and see him again later, we had another hug and kiss and off we went.

We went into the next field where there was another horse, a shy brown one. Now she was funny, she cleared her nostrils and made a really loud noise. The noise made Daddy jump, i was laughing, half at the noise and half at Daddy's reaction to it!

Julia had then woken up and said we could go to the park, she told me they had swings there, i LOVE going on the swings! When we got there i was so excited that i wanted a go on everything, the rocking motor bike, slide, roundabout, swings, steps and wooden bridge, all of it!

 But somehow i think the adults were having as much as me...


Then we carried on walking to a really old church, and i mean really old, it was older than Daddy! I got bored and nodded off at this point, when i woke up we were back at home.
The sun had come out and there was a barbecue on the go, i spotted the sun loungers had been put out. Time for a little relaxation me thinks!

It soon got really hot and people started taking their clothes off, so i joined in! Why not?

 After we had the barbecue Julia's friends came over, the people who live next door. Its their land and their chickens :) They brought with them their dog Rocky, i like dogs and this one liked me. He kept licking me and trying to steal my food! Cheeky pup. Here i am feeding him some of my sandwich..

I then had a lovely warm bath, i was quite dirty after rolling about with Rocky, he kept licking me,and i had been messily eating lots. Also i still had slobber on me from Tommy's kisses!

I felt a bit crinkly in the morning and asked Daddy to give me a pressing, he wouldn't though :(

So i settled for another visit to see my friend Tommy. I didn't have to go far as he was just outside the conservatory when we went outside. Tommy was hungry today and tried to nibble on my legs! I had green marks on me from where he'd eaten grass then tried to eat me! So Peter got Tommy a carrot to eat, as i need my legs!

It was then time to say goodbye for a while as we had to go home to Brighton. Peter and Julia went to work and Mumma and Dadda packed up the car.

We got a bit lost and ended up 3miles away from Bristol! But still Daddy said he had alot of petrol still left to use up so it didn't matter to much. Finally we arrived in Salisbury for some lunch, here's me pretending to drink a coffee...

I had another outfit change and we then headed to Eastbourne where we ate chips on the seafront.

After that i was getting pretty tired. So Mumma and Daddy got a Chinese takeaway for dinner and we went home. Home to Brighton.

I loved my holiday and i can't wait to do it all again next year, and by that time i will be a big sister! :)

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