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Thursday, 7 October 2010

Its been so long....

Hello peeps! Sorry for being away so long. Its been a bit mental here.

Where do i start?

Lydia ~ She now has two gorgeous little and very long-awaited teeth! She can take up to 5steps at a time on her wooden baby walker. She's been trying to climb up the new kitchen cupboards! (yes you heard me,me finally have cupboards!!!!)
She has perfected her attention cry and 'the sad face' along with screaming/crying if we say no to anything! Wonderful,lol.

Home ~ Hooray,we finally have a completed kitchen!!!!!!!!!!!!! I can start getting back to normal and cooking up lots of lovely things for us three. So excited about just idea of it. And i can now relax without the fear of the landlady/builder coming in whilst i walk around my flat naked! hahaha

Work ~ Lydia is now my full-time job! I have quit work for a few reasons. Some being that i am still  breastfeeding, i don't want to miss a single thing that Lydia achieves and many more things. Money is going to be tight but we will manage as it is what works best for us.

Boob's ~ yup,they're still there! Well,i think we have finally shifted that evil nipple thrush now! In the end i had to have a steroid based cream. I was really worried about this affecting Lydia, but the doctor reassured me about it and its nearly totally gone now! I have also tried the cream on my dermatitis on my scalp, it seems to help if i use it everyday (but the cream smells and is bright yellow!)
Still breastfeeding, and still loving it! Lydia only has about 3-a-day now, more if shes teething or ill and less if she doesn't want it.

Crafting ~ I have been keeping myself sane in the evenings with a little light sewing whilst watching the TV. So far i have made 'LYDIA' and '0-9' in fabric from an old cotton summer dress that got ripped, and stuffed them with a pillow from the 99p shop. Simples!
Also made her a taggy blanket with the same fabric and various bits of ribbon sourced from around the flat. (including those annoying bits on the inside of dressing gowns)
Also been making a few more toy catchers for friends and their small people.

Social life ~ Some sad news, my baby club is moving to fair light school on Lewes road in November. To far to walk and to awkward for us to get to by bus, plus buses are so frigging expensive now :0( But the good side is that they're going to make a new one nearer me, unsure when but i hear its near the big church at the beginning of Preston park (go up the road the bus takes you into town, by the shops)
Also made a lovely new friend a few weeks ago. Cheryl who has Matteo (4days younger than Lydia)
Swimming on Fridays is still a good event that almost always happens, we even did it last week when it was pouring down! If you fancy joining us just let me know and i can tell you the details.

Love ~ Justin has got a promotion! Woo! He will start as a temporary manager in November and see how it goes,then hopefully next year it might be a full time new job! Yeah! Very exciting stuff!
We are going on our first holiday as a family in November,i am excited but a little scared. We will be getting a hire car and going to bath to stay with Justin's step-dad in his gorgeous bungalow. I am excited about going away somewhere for the first time in years, and as a family for the first time. But i am scared about taking Lydia away as its the first time, messing up her routine, strange place etc....
I think i just need to bite my tongue and get on with it otherwise I'll never be able to go anywhere if i cant even manage a family trip!!!

Finally i think i will post this now as Lydia has just woken up and is being a terror!

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