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Saturday, 23 October 2010

Quick, she's asleep!

Quickly squeezing in a blog whilst Fluffy is napping...

Well I've been busy! Being ill again! Had another bout of mastitis, also got eczema on my boobs and insomnia! I need to relax, switch off and have some time out.

This mummy business is no cup of tea i tell you. We've been getting broken nights galore! I can't shut my head up to nod off and when i finally do Fluffy decides its time to wake up and cry for an hour because her gums hurt and i won't give her comfort feeds constantly as it makes her sick. However i much prefer this than my old job, only one stressy little madam to deal with rather than a shop full!

Halloween is about a week away now, spooky! We've not planned anything as i feel Fluffy is to young to understand all the goings on. We will probley just take her for a walk around the shops so she can see all the colourful outfits etc...
We have been invited to Mamma McCann's spooky party for Fizz and her friends. But we have no way of getting there and home, we don't drive and as its a Sunday buses are out of the question :0( boo

Its 63 days until Christmas and 49 days until I'll be a quarter of a century old! This will be our first family Christmas, so excited :0) Been buying stuff throughout the year for peoples presents, just need to get into 'the bastard cupboard' and dig stuff out for it now!
Fluffy has her x-mas pud and Santa outfit's out ready to try on for the Christmas card photos i am doing for the family. Shes going to look super cute!

The family holiday to Bath is slowing dawning on us. I am OK about it now, I've relaxed. Going to pre-plan everything to pack etc... Travel cot is organised, just need to sort out the hire car now.

I've been making and baking at home. Made lots of yummy things for Fluffy's dinners and baked some dotty cupcakes for Mamma (i might share with Daddy Welch if he asks nicely)

Oh.... i hear her stirring... its been short and sweet, just like me! Ciao for now :0) xxx

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