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Wednesday, 3 November 2010

Kenny's insides taste good to!

Following my previous blog about Kenny soup i bet you were wondering why i said to keep his insides? And what to serve with it? Well all will be revealed here!

After making Kenny soup you will have just his seeds left. Here is a recipe for spooky seeds;


Kenny seeds - washed well so none of the blood (gooey pumpkin guts) remain
1tbsp sunflower seeds
1/2 tbsp sesame seeds
1tbsp of dried garlic flakes (add more or less according to your taste)
A few shakes of Knorr Aromat seasoning or 1/2tsp of Bouillon
Olive oil

Cook it!

  1. Thoroughly wash and dry the seeds, whilst the oven is pre-heating to 200degrees.
  2. Put the seeds and dry ingredients in an oven proof dish or foil lined tray and mix. Then add a little oil until coated and mix again.
  3. Roast for 10mins then stir, then another 10mins or until browned off nicely.
  4. Enjoy warm or room temp as they are, or sprinkle over your Kenny soup. Also makes a nice salad sprinkle. (don't give to baby as salty and choking hazard)

What else to serve with Kenny soup??? Why, wicked wedges of course!

Wicked wedges......


6 sweet potato's
Olive oil

Cook it!

  1. Wash and scrub the potato's well, then dry. Meanwhile oven is pre-heating to 220degree.
  2. Dependant on hunger slice 4-5 of the potato's into 4 wedges each. Toss in oil and season them, place on a foiled baking sheet.
  3. The other 1-2 potato's are for baby, these ones need peeling and cubing. Toss in some oil and put in an oven proof dish (small Le Cruset is perfect)
  4. Put both in the oven for 30-40mins until nicely browned.
  5. Mash or puree the baby's potatoes dependant on baby's age/eating habit's. Serve an appropriate sized portion and fridge/freeze the remainder.
  6. Adult potatoes are ready to be served straight away.
  7. Serve your family with your spooky feast and enjoy! Mmmm.........

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