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Friday, 19 November 2010

Organix Christmas Selection Box (Review)

We got sent one of these to review for Christmas. On first glance it seemed very exciting, colourfull and fun! And Lydia seemed to instantly recognise the brand with its bright colours and cute pictures.
However i found the box/packaging very flimsy. When i recieved it the box was creased and bent, i feel it needs to be stronger as it wouldn't last very long at all in the hands of a toddler! On the other hand the tape dots that were used to seal it were very hard to open, i had to get some scissors out as to not ruin the box completely.

Inside we found a cute little pop-out and play winter farm scene. This was lovely to look at but the items kept slipping off the scenery as the card is very shiny, a toddler may find this frustrating? I feel a few glue dots were needed. 

The selection box contained, 3 packs of organic biscuits and 2 organic oaty bars from Organix ‘Goodies’ range.  Goodies foods are suitable from 12 months, however it did not state this on the packaging. New to brand customers would be unaware of the age target. But their ‘no junk promise’ means a child of a slightly younger age (7mths +) could also enjoy them, guilt free!
I am a Coeliac (wheat and gluten intolerant) and Lydia has to follow the same diet as me until she's 1yr old to get tested for it. So i did feel slightly saddend by the fact that she (and i) couldn't infact eat any of the items contained. I think Organix should offer a 'freefrom' (allergy freindly) range of this pack. But my other half desided to devour the lot with a huge smile on his face! cheeky!

I noticed that all of the items and the packaging had pictures of girls on, this is great for a girl. But if given to a boy he may think he's been given a 'girls' present and not enjoy/want it as much? A few other styles available to purchase would be good to offer variety amongst larger familys/different sex familys etc...

I think this novelty gift is worth the money at only £2.99 per pack, from also available from Ocado and Boots.

For more information about Goodies –

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