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Sunday, 21 November 2010

Review: Theraline 'The baby pillow'

At first glance this just seems like neat, cute little pillow for your baby.
But its so much more, Its a must have!

The size of it is a perfect fit for any moses basket/crib. The contoured shape for 'head shaping' is spot on for baby sizing, and its fully breathable! Such a re-assurance to mum's of young baby's. I was very impressed with its almost invisible insides of anatomically shaped and perforated high-tech fabric. With its super-soft exterior its lovely next to baby's skin without causing any irritation.

Also it can be hand-washed at up to 60 degree's. Fab!

''As cosy as a feather pillow, but without the associated risks'' ~ quote from the packaging

I just wish we had this since birth, as Lydia was born with Vonteuse causing a slightly wonky/misshapen head. The magic of this pillow would've surely helped to 'normalise' the shape of her head much quicker, had i known about it sooner! I will definitely be recommending it to friends with newborns.

Lydia is 10mths old today, and the pillow can be used from birth to 12mths. As recommended by doctors and midwifes the first 5mths of use is the most important and successful of usage.

However we managed to successfully use it for 2wks before Lydia decided that laying still on her back to sleep was not for her! Now sleeping with her bum in the air and head firmly into her mattress, this pillow will be kept and used for baby no:2. (Hopefully coming soon!)

To buy yours you can visit Theraline online. It available from other retailers online and prices seem to vary from £15~£20, dependant on shop.

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