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Thursday, 25 November 2010

A mother's work is never done....but surely she deserves a tea break?

On Friday the 12th of Novemeber we went on our first family holiday!
We went to Bath to stay with Justin's dad and his wife, in their gorgeous bungalow.

It was dark when we arrived after a 4-5hr car journey. We only had to stop twice, once to feed Lydia and give her legs a stretch from the carseat and secondly so i could wee! (Very daintily alongside the motorway,glamourous or what!?!) I also sucessfully managed to breastfeed Lydia twice whilst Justin was driving! Totally safely and both strapped in, i just leant into her. Thankfully i have huge boobs! Lol

We had a white Skoda Fabia hire car, small but perfect size for the three of us. I was so shocked at how much luggage such a small person needed (Lydia, not me!) and i was amazed that i managed to tetris style fit it all in the boot!
The car was comfortable once we worked out how to lower the seats, but in need of a good wash!

I was greatly amused by its registration number;

FOOK! (hehehe)

Julia had prepared us a lovely meal of beef stew, the first stew i have ever eaten! And i hadn't eaten beef for several years, but it was gorgeous! Since being home i have re-created it, but our beef was not as tender as the Bathonian Jasper the cow!
We washed it down with some yummy cava, a few bottles to be accurate!

So here was my break, finally! Peter and Julia were so lovely and would'nt let me lift a finger! Everytime my glass had a sip missing it was topped up, if my plate was empty i was offered more. If i needed or wanted for anything i was told to ask for it. They were so attentive to Lydia's needs and tuned in to moving all the hazzardous items away from her grasp! It felt quite alien to not do much, but bloody fantastic at the same time! It was lovely to find out that Peter fully supports and understands me for still breastfeeding Lydia, after all she is a baby and needs it! (had a not so nice comment from another family member so i am a bit touchy on the subject! lol )

With Lydia getting lots of attention from Peter & Julia, Justin and i managed to have a bit of 'us' time.
I felt really happy and fell in love all over again! Holding hands walking through the streets of beautiful Bath together, so romantic! We can't wait to go back, hopefully next year for longer :)

Justin & I at 'the circus' cresent

On the saturday we headed into Bath town centre, about 11miles from where we were.
We had a coffee to perk us up then all walked around Bath centre, the royal crescent, back streets, a few shops,the weir and stopped for lunch at Garefunkils. The weir is a beautiful sight, i'd imagine it to be a perfect picnic location during the summer.

That evening we went to Glastonbury! Not the concert though, thats in Pilton :p
It was a carnival for a childrens charity that they run for a few weeks a year, every year around the surrounding area/towns/villages.
Walking to the carnival through the main street was manic! It was so packed (think Lewe's on bonfire night and times it by five!) We were meeting a few of Julia's friends at the other end of the street, so we had to battle it through the crowd. We found a gap in the fence to get through so i asked the people stood there if we could pass. the response was, well.... less than polite! Lets just say they ruined our night before it had even started! The carnival was nearly 2hrs late in starting and we were all friggin freezing standing around waiting for it to start. Full of drunken kids smoking weed, it got to 9pm and we had only seen about 3 floats, it started to rain and we decided it was time to go home to wine and nibbles!

Lydia & Daddy at the carnival
Then sunday arrived, going home day :(
Lydia was a bit unsettled in the night,but nothing to major. Didn't have to bring her in with us, she was happy in her travel cot on loan from Chelle & Fizz. (Thankyou :) )

We met up with Julia's parents and went to the local pub (for local people, hehe) for a sunday roast.
The staff were very good at helping with my dietry requirements and checked things for my safety. I had roast chicken and Julia had roast pork, everyone else went for the beef. The beef was quite tough yet rather red inside? Julia complained and they couldn't appologise enough, offering a new meal and free tea/coffee's all round. Excellent service that you don't get down here that much.

Before we left Peter showed us around the bungalow and garden (1/3 acre!)
He picked an apple fresh of the tree and gave it to me! I'd love to able to have that. They have a huge vegetable patch, green house and several fruiting trees/bushes. I was given a bag of pink fleshed apples to cook with. They looked scary but tasted gorgeous in the apple pie i made :) yummy!

Then we had to leave for home :(
We were very sad to leave as we'd had a brilliant time with fantastic company. But we left smiling, knowing we were welcome back, and for longer next time.

The journey was quicker coming home as it was a late and dark sunday, and Lydia slept the whole way!
We stopped off to get a take-away curry and some cava to finish off our holiday with a bang! (more of a pop really! lol)

We still had the hire car until tuesday morning so we decided to make the most of it by having a day trip on monday. We went to Eastbourne :)
I finally brought myself something! (it was only a pair of leggings, but its something!) And managed to get quite a few christmas presents, yey!
We drove home via seven sisters, what a beautiful view!

Tuesday arrived and it really felt quiet somber, the real end to our holiday :(
We handed the car back and wandered aimlessly around Brighton.

Lydia loved having her daddy all day everyday for two whole weeks, she had been super clingy to him the whole time. I knew i'd have my work cut out when he returned to work.
And boy was i right! This week she's been teething so badly, waking a few times each night. Being un-consoleable and grumpy.

My tea break is well and truely over.....COME BACK DADDY!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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