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Wednesday, 1 December 2010

Snow Ja'Vu

This was me, ready to pop this time last year. I was hobbling around in the ice and snow in fear of giving birth early! But dettermind to have a snowy walk around my house! And now.......

One year on, and this is Lydia and I today!
Playing in the snow with my gorgeous girly

I wrapped us both up in preperation to walk around the outside of our house.

She was amazed at her first sight of snow, i don't think she blinked for a while. Hehe.

I love the crunch of fresh snow beneth your feet, its so christmasy and fresh out there now. Really made me all festive, so much so that i started putting up the decorations when we got in :)

I super wrapped Lydia up as i don't want her to catch a cold. She looked like a michellen baby in all her layers!

Lydia's outfit; sleepsuit, catsuit, fleece suit, cow coat, hat (and 2 hoods from suits) and 2 pairs of gloves! Also a buggy snuggle once i put her back down. All cosy and no room for me to get in :( lol

All i could find to wear was 2hoodys and some tracky bottoms! Nice.......

Lydia's favorite part about the snow was when it fell of the trees. She loves trees!

I found a big stick and kept tapping the leafs/branches to make 'mini-avalanches', i got covered in snow but it was priceless hearing her gorgeous little giggle each time i did it :)

All that fun tired her out and she napped for a good few hours when we returneed indoors, excellent! I wish it snowed everyday! Lol ;p xxxx


  1. Yay how cool!!!!! I'm potty training full on today xx


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