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Monday, 10 January 2011

Lydia's Birth story

1yr ago on the 11th January 2010, i was due to have Lydia! She decided that it was to cold and snowy outside, and to stay in for another 10days!
Finally she arrived on the 21st, 2days after a sweep and 2days before an induction!
The birth was not simple to say the least! Three hospitals, 21hrs40mins, episotomy and ventouse delivery later she was born!

Labour started at around 3pm on the Wednesday, i was sat on the birthing ball watching the TV and i felt a sudden sharp twinge. I looked at Justin and his face dropped ''What is it?'' i smiled and jumped up and put his hand on my belly and said ''She's finally on her way!'' :)
After that the contractions were hourly then every 1/2hr, then they dropped to 10mins and 5mins. Meanwhile i tided up the flat, had a bath, double checked my hospital bags and phoned my parents. When they were 5mins apart i phoned the hospital to warn them that i might be arriving in a few hours.
''Ooh were really busy tonight, ring back when the contractions are 2mins apart and we will see?'' said the midwife at Brighton hospital.
We attempted to watch Ferris Bluer's day off, but my contractions were speeding up really quickly and they got to 2.5mins apart by the end of the film. I phoned the hospital again, ''Nope,we can't take you here. Unless you want to have your baby in the hallway?'' said the midwife. Nothing like that to reassure a first time mum! I asked what i should do, i was told that i needed to make my own way to Hayward's heath hospital to be checked over. Hayward's fecking Heath!?! at 9pm with 2min contractions!?! They said they don't send out ambulances, wtf??? Your a hospital!?!
Dad came and drove us (me,mum and Justin) the 40min drive to Hayward's heath, only for them to take a brief look at me and say ''Your only 4-5cm dilated,go home'' I asked if i could wait in the waiting room or anything and she just said no and that i had to leave! Now i was told that you get admitted after 4cm? Not there apparently.
So by the time we got back home the contractions were 1min apart! I phoned (useless) Brighton again. ''No,we can't help you. Go to Worthing'' wtf??? Another 40min journey!?!
Dad took us again. I thought i was going to have her in the car as we went over a bump! Oucho! We arrived and i was bundled into a wheelchair as i couldn't move my legs or think, let alone speak!
They got me into the delivery room and had a look. ''Your ready to push!'' said a really nice midwife (finally)
After pushing for an eternity i was offered G&A which did nothing so i gave it back, they popped my waters for me to see if that'd hurry things along. Nothing! Just a slight dribble!

Me posing just as i was given the G&A

About 6 midwifes and doctors had now came to check me out/shift changes etc... Then they decided to put me on a monitor to check baby's heartbeat. I wasn't allowed to listen as they said she was in distress and needed to come out in the next 1/2hr or I'd have to have a caeserian!
That was it for me, determination kicked in! We were all on the brink of tears at the thought of me being cut open. Mum and Justin either side of me mopping my brow, giving me sips of water and hand holding :) Thankyou. Dad passing in and out of the room seeing if things were needed, thankyou :)
I had to sign a waver form for the caeserian, i desperately asked if there was anything, ANYTHING, else they could try. The midwife Ali (at this point) said she'd go and see if the 'special eqiptment' was available. Wtf is that i thought? Then she returned with a doctor who explained to me what a ventouse delivery was, i agreed and was prepared for surgery.
In the theatre i had to wait whilst they prepared everything, Justin was taken away to put some scrubs on. I felt so alone and frightened, i begged Ali to stay next to me and hold my hand. The surgeon said i needed to stay still so he could give me a spinal block, I'm in labour and i FUCKING hurts you try and stay still!!!! Is what i thought. I actually didn't even swear once, at all!!! Would you believe it!
The spinal block kicked in and i felt numb from the waist down, amazing! They had a screen up so i couldn't see the 'special equiptment', i kept asking for reassurance that they weren't cutting me. Justin came back in and they said they could see her head! :) The surgeon said the vonteuse didn't work and i had to have a c-sect,i begged for one more try and he agreed. It worked, Ali was feeling my belly for contractions and getting me to push. As i was numb it just felt like i was making silly faces whilst having a poo! Hehehe. Three pushes later a scrunched up bloody and bruised, very big baby was handed to me! I cried and looked at Justin, he was mesmerised and in shock. He looked like he'd seen a ghost :) Lydia arrived on Thursday the 21st at 12.40, lunch time. I was starving!
I had the injection to ease my placenta out and they stitched me up, Justin was told to go and wait next door with my parents whilst they did that. I just led there staring at my gorgeous newborn daughter!

Lydia's first cuddle with Daddy

They wheeled me next door where my new life as a mum began! Ali offered to go and fetch Lydia a bottle of milk, i refused and said ''She's my baby, I'm going to feed her'' So i put her to my left breast as she was rooting for it, she knew what to do and was instantly happy. It felt amazing and so right that i had chosen to breastfeed her. I immediately felt the closeness of our bond, a massive rush of love.
After that i was taken to the ward. That night when everyone had to leave i cried, i didn't want to be alone. The other lady's on the ward comforted me, along with some lovely nurse's.
I bleed loads and hemorrhaged so i had to stay in for 4days, they offered me longer but i needed to be at home now. I needed to sleep!!!

1yr later.....Its so crazy how quickly the year has passed by. We are still going strong with breastfeeding, I'm amazed at how big,strong and healthy she is because of me! I keep getting really teary at the thought of my baby turning into a toddler. She's attempting her first few steps at the moment, and I'm planning her 1st birthday party! :'( xxxxx I love you my baby xxxxx

Lydia with Daddy, 1st Christmas 

Thankyou for reading this, please feel free to share yours :) I do have other bits to add but I've just used the important bits :) xxxx


  1. Yeah, definitely puts me off having a small person :P xx

  2. hehehe! and i left out the gore!!!! xx


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