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Saturday, 15 January 2011

Review: Nuby no spill Mega flip-it sippy cup 14oz/420ml

We have been reviewing a Nuby 14oz/420ml Mega Flip-it sippy cup, in colours green and pink. On the packaging it states 12mths+, however the website states 9mths+. If a supervised 9mth old can use it then great! But for independent use i think 12mths is more apt.

I was worried that Lydia wouldn't understand how to suck the straw-like nozzle, but she had mastered it in only a few hours! She only drinks water or breastmilk, so the sippy was filled with water.
I was a bit concerned about other children using it for juice based drinks, as when you suck a straw your gums pull back and the liquid gets onto your teeth/gums. With a lot of use would it encourage tooth problems?

Notice the concentration on her face! Hehe

I love the fact that its no-spill, my monkey loves to shake her other sippy cups around and i usually get soaked! It didn't even leak when she had it upside down flicking the nozzle (cheeky baby).

The lovely bright colours kept attracting Lydia towards it, i noticed that over the day she had drank more than normal. Which is great! The fantastic design of the bottle made it very easy for her small hands to grasp and use with ease.

Sometimes when you flip the lid up you get splattered with a little water which has collected in the nozzle end, this was much to Lydia's amusement that she kept doing it over and over! The lid has very easy access, which is great for small fingers. The little bobble handle was the right size for her to push with a finger, and for me to open with a pinch.

Having a good swig!

You can buy replacement lids/spots/straws from Nuby, which is great when you have a cheeky monkey who empties your cupboards and hides things! I did find the spout quite tricky to clean, i think the best way would be to soak them in a bowl/sink of hot soapy water. And then rinse them through whilst squeezing the spout.

I found the thing as a whole was easy to put together and use. The lid screwed on safely, tight enough not to let little one in but loose enough that Mumma won't struggle.

They come in loads of gorgeous colours, how will you choose?
You can buy yours from many retailers. Can't wait? Get yours online, they're only £5.99 with free shipping from Amazon here.


  1. Cute! My daughter (14 months) just used a straw for the first time this weekend so I think something like this might work great for her!

    I came over from your link on The Leaky B@@b facebook page and am a new follower! :)

  2. excellent! thankyou :) wil go check out yours x


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