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Wednesday, 16 February 2011

Mumma's makes....

As you all know I'm a fan of crafts, sewing and creativity of the mind! I'd like to share with you a few things that I've made, and hopefully inspire you do something to :) I love to re-use and recycle old clothing, turn it into something useful and fun :)

Cookery is another passion, some simple recipes to follow in another blog :)

Baby leg warmers ~ So easy to do and addictive to make! I think i made 4pairs for Lydia. I used normal sized women's socks. For small baby's use kids socks, and large baby's use men's socks :)

There are many other tutorials online if you don't get on with this one :)

Beaded toy/dummy holders ~ I made loads of these. Some for friends and some that people brought off me :) Wooden beads are individually knotted for safety whilst in use, extra toy hoop to attach to buggy etc...

Fabric letters & numbers ~ All of these are made using an old cotton summer dress of mine that got ripped, padded using the guts from a pillow i got at the local 99p store!

(please ignore that the 4&7 are the wrong way around!)

Sock animals, not just monkeys! ~ Abe the monkey was my first attempt at a sock monkey. I was so pleased with the outcome that i decided to get creative! Next came Mr Bunny and then Felix the cat!
Not forgetting my most recent make of Fred the sock-ape! This was lovingly made for my wonderful cousin Sharon of Soft Thistle Photography.

I used more stuffing from the 99p pillow, a washed & dried crisp packet to make the ears crunchy, cotton thread for mouth/nose/shaping of tails etc... and a few heart shaped buttons (sewn on very tightly) for eyes :) Each animal requires nearly 2 socks each, so 1 pair per animal! I've used regular size women's socks, however if you want a smaller one use kids socks and for extra long limbs/tails/ears use over the knee women's socks :)
Get in the £1 shop or Primark for a pack of 5 normal sized women's stripy ones, for only £2!!!!!!! :)

I hand sew again, but here's a machine tutorial to have a go at one yourself:
I had a look at this to see what components i needed and then just made it up as i went along :)

Taggy blanket ~ Again this was made with fabric from my old dress. All the 'tags' are different, i went on a wild rummage throughout the house to make sure of it! They include ribbon from presents, the annoying loops inside of clothing/dressing-gowns, a strap from an old pair of sandals, strap from an old changing bag, the loop off of a box a toy came in and some ribbon i got in a clearance shop for only 10p for 2metres!!!
The blanket measures about 40cmx30cm. I added an extra long pink loop at the top left corner, this is so it can attach to the buggy/a toy/hoop etc....

The only time i manage to make all these are when Lydia has a nap or if i get a few minutes whilst Justin plays/baths/feeds her! Some projects take an age to complete, lol.
I also make cards, jewellery and print onto clothing!

I hope I've inspired you to get creative today, have lots of fun and please share your comments/pictures about what you make/have made :) Remember not to be a perfectionist, just be the best you can :)

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