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Sunday, 13 February 2011

Review: Unbelievabowl set 9mths+

Everyone with a baby know how much fun it is to get a bowl to stay on the highchair when its meal time!
Tracey from Vital Baby wanted to help make this an easier time for me. We were sent an Unbelievabowl to review.

The Unbelievabowl is a regular child's bowl with a difference! It has a suction pad that you fit to the underneath, with a 'double click' lock you know its safe and that your baby won't be able to pick it up and throw it away. This needs to be used on a completely flat surface with a smooth texture (plastic highchair trays are ideal) Rough surfaces will affect the suction.

The Unbelievabowl comes is completely BPA & latex free, suitable for 9mths+, it won the bronze in practical parenting awards 09/10 , its available in three beautiful bright colours and you can buy spare bowls.
Its packaging is also recyclable :)
You can freeze it, microwave it, and its safe in the dishwasher also! Its Unbelievabowl!!!

With interchangeable bowls its really easy to use it constantly without having to faff about re-doing the suction pad between courses at meal time. Finished your main? Change the bowl for pud! Easy :)
Packs of spare bowls are available to buy in the three colours and come in packs of two for extra value.

The suction pad is so strong that when i tried to pull the bowl off, the whole food tray came off with the bowl still attached to it! With much twisting and pushing down (as the instructions say to do so) I managed to get the bowl off, but the suction pad had came off with it. Luckily no food was in the bowl at the time. And now i can't re-attach the suction pad as its stuck inside the bowl, and won't budge? I think you defiantly need 'mussels from brussels' to operate it! :) This only happened once, so i don't think its a major problem.

I was amazed at the strength of the suction and the lock on the bowl.
Lydia was not happy that she couldn't grab it and throw it around, she resorted to trying to bite it off instead!


We tried it with some snacks first. Lydia loved picking them out one by one then putting them back. She was looking under and around the bowl, trying to figure out why it wouldn't move! So funny to watch.
I was worried that if i filled it with baby food (mush!) that she'd constantly be sticking her hands in and out of it. Not something i want to happen where we live, her highchair is in the front room as we have no separate 'dining area'. I don't think daddy would be pleased if the TV ended up wearing her lunch? hehehe.
However if you have the space to allow for much mess then go for it! We will be using ours for snacks until we get a bigger place to live :)

Its priced at £4.99 for the set of one bowl and one suction pad. This did seem a little expensive for one bowl, but its much more than just a bowl. Your buying the suction pad. And once you have this you only need some spare bowls, and a pack of two for £3.99 is very good value. (£2 a bowl!!!!) So for under £10 you'd have 3 bowls that won't budge!!! 

If baby loves to fling their bowls around then i recommend the Unbelievabowl to you! These are available for purchase in many large supermarkets, Boots and online directly from Vital Baby. Many other great items can also be found in their online shop, have a little nosey....

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