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Sunday, 6 February 2011

There's a lot of fun to be had here....

Me & Lydia

My baby is growing up :( This makes Mumma so very broody!
Especially when both of my brothers wife's are pregnant!!!

She's turned one and is not looking back, she's growing into a cheeky little girl already! First words so far;
  • Woof - when she see's a dog anywhere inc.TV
  • Duck - when holding her rubber bath duck
  • Dog - before she says 'woof'
  • Mum/Mumma/Mummy - varies depending on what she needs from me
  • Daddy/Dad - depends on her mood as to what she calls Justin
  • Mum-nums - this is her own made up word for when she wants milk (mummy's-nummies, lol)
  • Don't - if she doesn't want something i offer her
  • Gone - if she eats everything or i take something off her she's not allowed
  • No -with the shaking of her head (so funny)
  • Ahh - whilst she rests her head on a pillow or hugs a toy/person
  • and some less formed words like cat - 'at', giraffe - 'go'
Also we're having fun with walking! The last week or so she's just been toddling off all around the flat, my little Dora the explorer :) She's in size 3.5G shoes from Clark's, eBay bargains mind you ;p

We've had two accidents so far, not really due to walking, just generally sillyness of my crazy child!
She fell over whilst playing the 'chase-me' game, split that little bit of skin under the top lip (you know where i mean?)
And secondly, this morning she decided to pounce of the sofa at me! She was happily eating her cereal and then leap forward! Her head went into my bowl, her left foot went into my coffee and everything went everywhere! I was not very impressed with this stunt, the rug is ruined! lol. I rushed her straight to have a shower as she had cereal stuck all over her face/hair and milk/coffee all over her clothes! Luckily the coffee was almost cold.

And we have learned to climb stairs also.....

Now about us.
Justin and i had our 6yr anniversary on the 28th January. My parents were baby sitting Lydia so we could go out for a meal.
We didn't manage to get out until gone 8pm, and into town about 8.30pm. It was getting a bit late to eat a fully blown meal so we just had a quick Chinese meal at China China, then a few drinks at The Font. Then we got a bottle of wine, went home and shared it with the folks. We stayed up until about 1am just chatting to them :)

However it was lovely just to be 'us' again, other than 'mum and dad'.
The Font was the first pub we went for drink in together :)
It was our first 'date-night' in around 2-3yrs!!
Hopefully we can get out more now Lydia is bigger.

Us being silly on the bus

Right, monkey is awake after finally napping today! Must go as its snack time, Yummy.

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