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Friday, 4 February 2011

Review: EnVie nursing bras 36G, under-wired vs non-wired

Since the journey began of breastfeeding Lydia, I've found it very difficult to find nursing bras in my size (36G) that were a comfortable yet supportive fit. Within my search i discovered EnVie Lingerie.

The lovely Jane over at EnVie Lingerie was keen to help me. She sent out two bras for me to try. One under-wired and one non-wired.

The first bra, Anita Nursing Bra with underwire 503

Considering i had not worn a wired bra for nearly a year, i found this one to be rather comfortable. It was a great fit, very supportive but not restrictive, and the microfibre fabric was soft & silky against my skin.
With secret support whilst un-clipped, your breast stays shapely and supported whilst breastfeeding.

The bra has a pretty jacquard pattern, and the cups were a generous yet supportive and comfortable fit.
I find the wire in some wired bras to high up or sewn in to tightly, not with this bra. The naturally forming wires in this bra were in the correct place and didn't dig in uncomfortably.
The thick, soft and comfortable band fastens with hook & eyes, three wide and three deep.
With extra wide shoulder straps and a little cushioning on the underside of them, i felt very comfortable and safe. The straps stayed where they're supposed to and didn't leave nasty red marks like other larger sized bras tend to do.

Fabric Material: 80% Polyamide 20% Elastane. Available in black or white.
Bands from 34-44, cups B-H.

Some people are against wearing wired bras when nursing for fear of damaging their milk supply or getting blocked ducts, however if you have one that is a true fit then no problems should occur. (i wouldn't wear one in the early stages though, more for comfort reasons really) You could save this as a going out bra, or a work bra. For times when you feel you need a bit more support.

Read EnVie's letter from Dr Miriam Stoppard about wearing under-wire whilst pregnant.

Priced at £39.99 (rrp £41.99) this bra is more expensive than others, but its the comfiest, prettest, yet practical under-wired nursing bra that i have found.

The second bra, Anita Nursing Large Cup Bra nonwired 5051

When i first saw this bra my thoughts were, 'oh-no, its a granny bra!' As it was not the most attractive thing to look at, but when i put it on i changed my mind. It was really comfortable, fit well and didn't look so bad at all. This bra was designed to help you and do its job as a nursing bra, not to be sexy in. It has light flower embroidery across the bust, pretty,cute yet sensible. Fabric Material: 45% Polyester 20% Polyamide 20% Cotton 10% Viscose. Only available in white.
Bands from 32-44, cups C-I.

With four sets of hook&eye fastenings, each row has three fastenings to give a comfortable and supportive hold. The extra thick shoulder straps give a great secure and supportive feeling that your boobs are in the right place, without the usual fear of them being loose and un-supported.

The sides are just high enough to give you a little more support, yet not to high as to rub your skin/armpits and make you sore.
I found the bra very easy to nurse in, with its large clip fastenings to allow quick (one-handed) access to your breasts. With extra built in hidden support, it almost looks like a sports bra within.

Over all i found this to be an excellent everyday bra!
If i was to change one thing, it would be to lower the front a centimetre or two. As with most nursing tops, and regular t-shirts, you could see the bra popping out over the top. Alternatively a little decor could be added if it is to be seen? A little bow perhaps?

With a price tag of £39.99 (rrp £45.99) this bra is not one of the cheapest options, but its definitely one of the comfiest. A good investment to see you through maternity and nursing.


Jane had told me that these bras are two of the most popular amongst their collection. For comfort reasons i can see why, however if your looking for prettier/sexy bras i would choose from their other styles/collections.

Both of these bras washed very well (wash at 40) with no misshaping or damage to the fastenings, quality products that were made to last.
Also both bras have little ribbon hoops/loops just below the clip fastenings, i am still trying to work out why or what they're for?


To purchase these bras or to browse the other styles and ''normal'' underwear, swimwear and see the *mens only* section by EnVie, visit their website here;

Lydia like's the under-wired one best

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  1. Hi Lydia,
    The little loops are to help you unclip the strap and designed so that you can hook your little finger into them and just pull to realease! You are not the first one to ask why they are there!
    EnVie Lingerie


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