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Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Hello cheeky toddler!

Now you can walk, talk and give me attitude. Am i confusing toddlerdom with being a teenager? No, my little terror is one to watch...i dread the teenage years! Screaming at me for no reason, really loudly and high-pitched. Its really not nice, its quite upsetting :(

Lydia has certain face that she pulls when shes being cheeky, a face that melts your heart, making you want to cry also :( I've not managed to capture it on camera as yet.
She throws mega tantrums over the silliest little things. I can hear the teenager in her shouting 'I hate you' already!

Your cheeky antic's involve many things, here's a list!

  • putting things in the loo (shampoo,hairbrush,toys,wrapping paper,keys etc...)
  • unravelling whole loo-rolls
  • pulling things out of the bin and bringing them to me
  • turning the house upside down, following behind me tidying up and un-tidying it!
  • standing on tubes of things, like toothpaste!?!
  • throwing wooden bricks at me :(
  • chewing food and spitting it out
  • stealing anything and everything i am eating/drinking
  • filling the washing machine up with toys/paint and generally stuff you shouldn't
  • emptying her water bottle all over herself/the floor etc....

I really could go on, but the list would be endless! I was hoping it was a phase, but I've been warned it continues and turns into the terrible two's :'(

She loves going to the park, she brings us her shoes/coat if we say 'lets go to the park'. Her favorite being the slide which she find hilarious? Then the swings where she trys to grab me each time she comes forwards :)

We are still breastfeeding, nearly 14mths now. She has a morning and night-time feed :)
She did something hilarious the other night. I was feeding her for bedtime and she pulled off and looked up at me smiling, she touched my boob where a dribble of milk was and said 'Boobie' then put the same finger on my lips and said 'Yummy'. Hahaha!!! Justin nearly threw up :)

She's been talking loads and responds to the things we say/ask her. Her favorite trick is saying 'Bum-bum' when she needs a nappy change, then she pulls out her changing mat and runs away!

Right i'm off to attempt cleaning up this disasterous looking house before she wakes to wreak it all over again! :) Have a faby mother's day :) xxx

                                                  ~~~ A mother's work is never done ~~~

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  1. Hi, i just wanted to write a little note to say how much i love your blog :).
    I'm not yet a mother, but am training to be a midwife. I came across your blog and ended up reading all of your posts in one sitting! I think you are very admirable to breastfeed for as long as you have, and to encourage other mothers to do so too.
    Good Luck in continuing, and little Lydia seems a lovely baby (despite her tantrums haha).
    Beth xxx


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