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Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Review: Baby Born Free ~ Teether gum brush 6mths+ & 14oz/400ml Twist'n'Pop easy drink straw cup 12mths+

The lovely Anne over at Baby Born Free sent us some of their products to review. For my cheeky teething toddler we received a teether gum brush and a twist'n'pop easy drinkstraw cup.

The Silicone Teething Ring and Gumbrush is made from medical grade silicone and is 100% free of Bisphenol-A, Phthalates and PVC.
Suitable from 6mths+. I thought it was quite a large product, unsure if a 6mth old could fit much of it in their mouths? It has a very generous handle allowing mummy to help, or to attach it to some hoops so you don't loose it when out and about in the buggy.

Designed by a Pediatric Dentist for babies of 6 months and up, the multi-purpose teether helps cleans teeth of plaque and bacteria from day one while stimulating and massaging baby’s gums.
This is great for young baby's to get used to a brush sensation on their gums and for older baby's who are fussy about real toothbrush's. However, Lydia (14mths) found it highly amusing to stick the whole brush head into her mouth and chew/suck on it to make it really wet then fling it around the house. Covering everything and everyone in saliva and the teether kept picking up dirt and dust each time it was dropped, now 'wash it' i hear you say.... you try taking something off a toddler without a fight!

The Teether can be stored in the refrigerator and features an easy-grip handle and 3 different textures to enhance tactile sensation. Lydia seemed to enjoy chewing the handle best, i think this is because it has grooves in. She could slot the teeth she has already into the grooves allowing them to push the teether up onto her gummy areas :)

I do feel the price is rather steep for what it is, £7.99 for a single teether. Considering you'll probley need more than one, ouch on your purse strings! £4.99 would be more reasonable, or even a deal if you purchase more than one? I know Boots have Baby Born Free products on a 3for2 at the moment :)

These teether's and other versions are available to buy from Baby Born Free directly, or other good retailers. They come in and Pink and Blue, priced at £7.99 each.


The BPA-Free plastic, 14oz. (400ml) Twist'NPop Straw Drinking Cup features a hygenic pop-up straw mechanism. You just twist the clear plastic lid and the straw pops up! Simples!
After a day trip including a visit to the sandpit, we found the cup quite hard to use. The easy twist top became rather stiff and un-willing to move and was very hard to remove to clean off. I managed to remove it a sink of hot soapy water with my marigolds on! Haha. However the straw and spout are very easy to remove and clean.

Designed for a comfortable mess free drinking expierience, the 14oz body is interchangeable with other Born Free bottles and cups. I don't agree that this is a mess free cup, Lydia ended up wearing most of her water rather than drinking it :( If you tip the cup up the drink spills out the straw spout, if you drop the cup the drink spurts out into a puddle, if you gently squeeze the bottle then the drink fountains out of the straw spout! This was much to Lydia's amusment as soon as she realised all of this she set herself the task of empting it as quickly as she could without drinking it! 


The cup is aimed at 12mths+ usage. Due to the large size and ease of water damage caused i would say its more suitable for 18mths+ or an angel child at 12mths+ :)

Available in Pink, Green, Blue or Yellow and priced at £5.99 i think is average for the product it is. Levelling in price and colour range with other similar products available.

You can buy yours from Baby Born Free here, or other good retailers.

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