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Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Its time to put my boobs away....for now!

Lydia has decided that she's all grown up, her need for Independence has outgrown her love of the boob! At 14mths and 14days old exactly, she decided enough was enough and that she didn't want anymore boobie!

That was 3.3wks ago now.
Am i in pain? have my breasts exploded with the over-load of milk?............

......No is your answer. Why, how? Well let me tell you my secret, I'm pregnant!!! :)

I know that this maybe a large contributing factor to Lydia's weaning, however i am sure the baby is 'using' up the milk. Hence no pain, mastitis, swelling etc.... Not exactly using it as Lydia were, but using the energy and all the goodness that's used to produce it :) Still that's not stopped them from shrinking already! :( From a 36G i am now a 38DD, still a nice handful but not a G!!! Anyways i am sure they will return with the birth of the new baby.

At 13mths old Lydia out-right refused the breast, this would've been when i was around 2wks pregnant and my hormones began to change, her way of telling me. The taste of my milk was changing, the baby was changing it :) After nearly 5days she came back, after i gave her some expressed milk in a sippy-cup, it made her want more boobie!

So now I'm going to be a mum of two! Eeeek!!!!!! Scary but amazing all the same.
I am now 12.5wks pregnant, and already having to wear my maternity clothes. Here is baby....

I'm sure it'll be tough having a newborn and a 21mth old toddler, but we wanted an age gap of around 2yrs. After a few months into being a mum of two i think Lydia will be old enough to do a few hours at a play-school, just as baby begins to be active :)

It feels like such a relief to finally post this! We've known about the pregnancy from 6wks gone and I've had this blog ready since i was 10wks, so eager to post it but desperate to have my scan first. Also it was becoming rather difficult to hide the bump in this gorgeous weather we are having :) Bump at 12.2wks....

Its going to be a BIG baby, lol :) xxx

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