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Monday, 13 June 2011

Review: Honeybuns ~ The new mini range

What better to wake up to than a box of yummy treats?! A rare occurrence if your a Coeliac, intolerant to wheat and gluten. But not if you've heard of Honeybuns!

Lottie over at Honeybuns sent me some of their new mini's range to review.... 

Five gorgeous mini's

1. Snowy Hill's ~ Ginger polenta shortbread and lemon sponge flavour, double layered cake :)
Once opened you get the beautiful smell of ginger instantly, but the shortbread taste's more of butter than ginger which was a bit disappointing. Biting into it you could taste the tangy lemon sponge which was deliciously soft, and i would have liked a piece of that just on its own. The whole piece was moist in texture but, the ginger polenta left gravelly/sandy bits in your mouth, need a cup of tea with this one i think.

2. Milk Chocolate brownie with coffee ~ Once opened you get the classic smell of homemade brownies,amazing and unmistakable. The brownie was really yummy and moist with good size pieces of nut to chew on. However i couldn't taste the coffee at all? I love coffee and chocolate flavours together so i was very disappointed that the taste wasn't there :( The brownie had small chunks of chocolate on the top, which is usually an excellent extra to nibble on, but they were horrible and tasted very bland. Not like chocolate at all? More like hamster chocolate.

3. Almond Moon ~ Almond cake with cranberry's (Not Alfie Moon).
Another double textured cake with strong almondy flavour and the bitter sweetness of the cranberry's. I found this also to be very buttery, but once you bite into one of the fat juicy cranberry's all is forgiven! Overall you could compare it to marzipan, but its not a sickening in flavour. I really like the double layer of this one, makes it 'different' from your average cake.

4. Heathcliffe ~ Brownie with orange (not the fat cat or Wuthering heights).
This was AMAZING! The beautiful tangy orange scent hits you first then you bite it and get what i describe as 'the Terry's orange effect', lovely milky chocolate with an orange that you just want more of!
Moist, chewy and gooey, just what every brownie should be like. More please :)

5. Coppice cake ~ Hazelnut, chocolate and cranberry cake.
Wow, this one blew me away. I read the label and thought it sounded like a rather odd combination, then i tried it and totally changed my mind. To be honest with you i couldn't eat it quick enough!!!
A very balanced cake that's not to sweet, the cranberry's that add a light sharpness that's needed but they're not to harsh as they in turn are softened by the chocolate and sugar. Running throughout the taste is a background of hazelnut, which is gorgeous and not ''to nutty''.
Soft, moist and moreish (please, hehe).

Over all i found these mini cakes great!
Fabulous for tea-party's, lunch box's, handbag snacks, children, quick snacks, party's and gifts!

They are all gluten and wheat free (apart from the flapjack which i didn't review), its hard to find a beautiful cake that i can eat and now i know of five! Also its great how they're not in your face about being free-from, they just are :)

All of them are wrapped in colourful bio-degradable packaging and re-cycled cling wrap. They each come with a little story/information to read so non of the packaging is left un-used, which makes a lovely little read whilst you happily chomp away :) Very inviting to look at and read, makes you want to buy more, and learn more about what Honeybuns do,where they are etc...

So if I've made you hungry you better log onto Honeybuns and get some! They are also available in selected heath food shops (infinity foods), Waitrose, John Lewis and Salisbury's Cafes as well as other independent delis and cafes around the UK. Yummy!

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