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Tuesday, 7 June 2011

Two teenagers already!?!

I am now 18.4wks pregnant and Lydia is 16mths old, two teenagers!

I've got another two scans booked for the 21st of June and the 24th of June, hopefully they'll be able to tell the sex of bambino. Everyone has said to me they think its a boy, we will see (hopefully). We're not fussed either way, they only difference will be the expense if its a boy! We still have all of Lydia's old stuff so another girl would be sorted for everything!!!

I've got two scans because Brighton and Worthing both want to do their own. Worthing is where i am booked into have the birth, a water birth hopefully. And Brighton want me to stay on their records in case i can't make it Worthing on time.
The water pool tour has been booked, that's in September :)

Lydia has been rubbing my belly and saying 'baby, aww'. She also offers to give a kiss or cuddle to me or daddy, not very often but still. And she is such a chatter box, things she says like 'in there', 'rubbish', 'dog', 'shoes', 'bag' etc... And yesterday she copied me and said 'Oh shit', whoopsie! I really need to watch what i say now, cheeky little madam.

We found another play group to go to, its for 0-5yrs which means i can go with the both of them once bambino arrives. The only thing is it doesn't run during term time, but not many do :( Boo!
Its at the Calvary church by the fire station, i was surprised at how big it is inside as it looks tiny from the outside. The group is run by a lovely lady, Katy i think? Now i didn't realise but it is actually a christian group and we're not religious, but there is no harm in going and Lydia is to young to understand anything like that anyway. She can make up her own mind on religion when she's old enough to.
We've only been the once at the moment as of term time, but intend to keep going from now on. Hopefully make a few friends for Lydia and myself :) One lady who i was talking to is also pregnant (with a boy) and due at the end of august, she already has a 2yr old girl.
And a few of the other mums had a couple of children, i was asking them for tips about having a baby and a toddler, so that will be useful :)
Lydia learnt how to go up the stairs and down the slide all by herself, yey!

We've been doing a few indoors activity's to lately. Like painting, drawing and dressing up!

I've learnt how to use my new wrap slings, been practising baby holds with teddy bears and the rucksack back carry with Lydia....

And I've been making lots of things again, mostly recycled old t-shirts into new clothes for Lydia....

If only she'd keep still long enough for me to take a picture! Cushion was made from an old dressing gown, sock bunny from one of Lydia's baby socks and some off cuts, stripy dress from an old t-shirt and green dress was an old vest top of mine :)

Right i best be off now, Lydia is asking for a 'nana' (banana) and i myself am rather hungry to!

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  1. Dysfunctional Dorris8 June 2011 at 04:55

    love your blog (from sharons friend) xxx


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