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Sunday, 3 July 2011

Review: Thrist Pockets Multi Cloth

Harriet sent us some Thirst Pockets Multi Cloths, just what you need with a messy toddler about the house!

But you don't need a toddler to make a mess as we soon found out, clumsy daddy Justin decided to spill his coke all over the front room floor. Luckily its laminate flooring and i had these to hand!
Justin thought it was ''normal'' kitchen towel so he tore off about 10 sheets and started to mop up the mess, i came and took seven back off him! He only needed three, and he would've used less had he wrung them out in the sink. Needless to say the floor was super sticky so i used another one with some spray cleaner, super clean shiney and dry floor after that! Fab :)

The packet states you can use it all rooms of the house. Kitchen, bathroom, on glass and furniture. So we went on to use them cleaning the toilet, TV, Lydia's messy face and kitchen surfaces including the sink. The next challenge will be the shower.
Not just for cleaning though, you can use them for cooking, i used one sheet whilst making pancakes and eggy bread to soak up the excess oil. Fabulous!
 Another great use i found was when all my tea-towels were wet from the wash and i needed a plate drying, i tore a sheet off and watched it suck up the water. I left this sheet hanging off the tap to use later, it dried up lovely and had no holes!

They're made with Airlaid technology, ''Whats that?'' i hear you ask....

Airlaid is a specific process without water using cellulosic fibres but longer than what we use in conventional papermaking. Instead of mixing fibres with a high amount of water, and spraying the mix on a fabric to get a homogeneous web, the fibres are used dry, air transported and homogeneously laid down on a fabric. As the fibres are not wet, there is a need to add a binder to get a sheet with some resistance. In our case, this binder is a synthetic latex sprayed on both sides of the sheet. The amount of latex is around 15% of total weight.

This binder is not soluble in water which explains the specific property of Airlaid to be strong even when wet.
GP Airlaid is made with 100% virgin pulp called fluff (wood cellulose fibres) by a dry laying process (aerodynamic web formation). Airlaid is very strong, absorbent, offers the feel of cloth, and enables the product to be rinsed and reused.

And an introduction of the product from the company....

Behold…The NBF for Clean Fiends Across the UK

Thirst Pockets Multi Cloth - the innovative new household helper with a split personality.

Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No, it’s a brand new product from Thirst Pockets - the Thirst Pockets Multi Cloth. It’s no surprise that this innovative little household helper is having an identity crisis - because it looks like a kitchen towel and performs like a cloth.
If, like us, your cupboards are overflowing with cloths and sponges – there’s the kitchen surface dishcloth, the washing up sponge and dozens of dusters – then you’ll be pleased to hear about the range of jobs that this new cloth can cover. The Thirst Pockets Multi Cloth will polish furniture, clean up the car, scrub the hobs, shine the windows and can wipe up spills.
Imagine how much simpler life will be with a single cloth to meet all your cleaning needs. Its concentrated fibres ensure a cloth-like feel so it doesn’t leave any nasty streaks across shiny surfaces - making it the perfect cleaning partner for your spring clean and beyond.

Versatile Thirst Pockets Multi Cloth can do it all, tackling any job – big or small - from wiping small spills, to cleaning your bathroom and polishing furniture and glass. It’s tough and durable, so much so that in tests it has proved to be the strongest kitchen towel on the market.
Multi Cloth is a hygienic cleaning solution – it performs like a cloth, but because it is disposable it removes the need to have dirty cloths hanging around the home.
The superior quality of Multi Cloth also means it is cost effective, because, compared to normal kitchen towels you have to use less to do more.

So if you need this fantastic product in your life, and lets face it we all DO! Then head down to your local supermarket to grab a pack, RRP £2.39 from Tesco, Sainsburys, Morrisons and Asda.

Make it part of your cleaning kit!

Right i'm off to scrub my shower now............


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