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Wednesday, 24 August 2011

Review: Bravado

Clare over at Babyworld offered to send me a brand new product to review. A maternity/nursing bra, a Bravado body silk seamless. Available in two new colours, teal blue or poppy red.

It arrived safely in a neat box and wrapped in some lovely tissue paper :) The box is excellent for storing the padded inserts or even some breast pads in. A very clear size guide and product information on the reverse, and included spare nursing clips/loops in the shape of a 'B'. I thought that was excellent, as if one breaks you'd normally have to go and buy a whole new bra. Not with these ones!

I find it to be the comfiest maternity/nursing bra ever! Or so i think :) And i was the first person in the UK to get one! I went for the teal blue 1401, size Large. Being a size 38DD/40D i was in between minds whether to go for the Medium or Large, i choose large to accommodate my growing shape whilst pregnant. Also i ballooned from 34D to 36G whilst breastfeeding my other daughter so i am pre-empting!

I love the fact that the foam cups are easily removable, great to use for a cold day or to hide breast pads. Or wear it without in the summer or under slinky outfits. And the cups shape your boob nicely for a lovely figure.

The fabric is so soft and feels lovely against your skin, ultimate comfort. The straps are a good width, not to thin that they dig in and not to wide to ruin the look of strapy outfits.
With four rows of hook & eye fastenings you can be sure to get a good fit, loosening for comfort or tightening for support.

The fit is perfect as its cut low enough for low cut tops, but not being to risky. The cup leading into the side of the bands are shaped and cut just right as to not dig into your skin or rub you under the armpits. The thick waist band keeps the bra in place through the whole day offering support and comfort without any adjusting!
I can see myself living in this bra throughout my pregnancy, new baby's nursing life and beyond!

For around £30 the bra is on the expensive side for just one, maybe a pack of two would fit the bill better. Or even staying around the £20 mark would be great. I'd definitely purchase more at a lower R.R.P, in the mean time i will be keeping an eye out for any deals and offers they may be included in.
Otherwise if you want style, comfort and ease of use from your bra then you need this bra!
Available in black, white, red, teal, nude and more means that there is one for everyone!!!
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  1. It makes me want to go out and buy one! I must admit though its too pricey for me especially when my boobs change size throughout pregnancy and breastfeeding so much.

    I must say having breastfed 2 babies I've never had a clip break on me - so its interesting that they include spares.

  2. I have a cream one that I still use for BF...I love it. And it really is comfy and supportive.

  3. The Bravado! Body Silk seamless nursing bra is a decent nursing bra. The support is OK for smaller and medium sizes; it is comfortable and soft. The clips are the standard plastic clips that have become pretty much universal for nursing bras.


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