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Wednesday, 24 August 2011

Review: Bags of Change, re-usable bag

Faith from Bags of change sent me one of their gorgeous re-usable bags. The bag that was voted "Most Innovative Green Product" in the Green England Awards 2008. A fantastic step towards being more green, don't use plastic bags, use one of these instead!

Available in three new colours, brown, green or blue. I received the brown and cream version.
Not only is it re-usable its made from fair trade, ethical materials including organic cotton, hemp and fairly-traded rubber.

The bag was instantly impressive with its bold design and chunky coconut shell buttons on the sides that open out to expand the bag, allowing more room for shopping.

A must with my bags is that they have an inside pocket. Somewhere for my keys/phone or money if I'm just popping to the local shops, so i was very pleased to see that this bag has a roomy pocket for such things.

I would love to see the same bag made in a variety of size's, one that's extra big for the supermarket shop would be fab. Also a thinner lighter one that you can fit into the pocket of this one for emergency's.
And possibly two more colours? Red and purple please :)

These three new colour ways are on an introductory offer of £14.85 at the moment, soon to go upto £16.85. Get yours whilst the offer lasts :) I'd love to own the whole colour way set but at £16.85 its a rather expensive fancy. For what is essentially a cotton bag i feel a lower price tag of around the £10 mark would be more suitable, £9.85 and your on!

However this bag also works as part of a loyalty scheme amongst over 70 participating ethical retailers, you could save 10% on your purchase when using your bag, so i guess this is where you claim back the cash you spent to buy it. To find out more information and to view the listing of participating shops visit the Bags of Change website here.

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