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Wednesday, 29 December 2010

Because she's worth it...

No not the stupid woman in the Lorreal advert, my Lydia!

We had a good first christmas with Lydia. Lots of food and presents :) And she took her first step(s). She did it right infront of me, amazing! And she's finally getting more hair!!!
This time last year i was sat on the sofa like a beached whale, scared of going into early labour with the snow and frost outside!

Now a little moan.....

The last 2days have not been fun :( Lydia is getting 3 more teeth, in unison! The top right 3 in a row, the bunny rabbits and a fang.
Screaming, non-stop through the night. She won't open her mouth for anything to help (teething gels,toys,calpol etc...)
All i can do is hold her, but she pushes away and makes it really hard, i'm going to hold her against her will. No sleep for anyone in my flat, or next door, or upstairs! Lol. Upstairs seem to think if they bang hard enough on the floor and put their washing machine on at 11.30pm, that'll help make Lydia quiet and go to sleep!?! Think again, idiots!

They say that when you become a mother you forget about your friends who arn't mums. This is not true, infact its the opposite....

I recently heard that the reason one of my life-long friends has not been in touch with me, for about 6mths, is because the last few times we arranged to meet i had cancelled or asked to re-arrange the time/date. How pathetic is that? When you have kids that are teething/not sleeping/have flu/breastfeed through the night etc... And you feel like shit in the morning, let me know if you want to meet up and go shopping. No?
You think you have a brilliant mate who cares about you, understands and wants to help. How wrong can you be?

On the up....

I've made some excellent new friends this year. And yes, shock horror, they are ''mummy'' friends.
Made one great friend in the randomist of ways, free-cycle! Lol, she offered me some re-usable nappies and we just got talking. I feel like i've known her forever :)
Got some lovely neighbours who are always trying to help me out whenever they can. Meet for coffee or tea in each others flats, checking on me to see if i'm ok on a down day, build snowmen on the balcony, make me cakes and cookies!!! I will really miss having them around when they emigrate to Auz :(


Ok, i've stopped moaning now. Come out from behind the sofa :)
New years is next, then my baby will be one! Where did this year go? I'm now 25 and a mother! Crazy.

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