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Thursday, 23 December 2010

Night Nappie review 5: Cheeks&Cherries ~ Issy Bear-V2-''Minky Baby'' Dalmation

After contacting J at Cheeks&Cherrie's i was sent two gorgeous nappies to test out for night time usage. This review is for the Issy Bear-V2-''Minky Baby'' Dalmation.

When i opened this i was so excited! It is GORGEOUS! I fell in love with it, Justin told me off for stroking it like a cat. Hahaha. Lydia was also excited and grabbed it off of me, she played with it for ages. I managed to get it off her to give it the pre-washes as per instruction.

The sizing is birth to potty, you adjust it by tightening/loosening the popper fastenings as to baby's needs.
It comes with two bamboo and microfibre inserts, one day and one night. They say on them which is which, very helpful. These also have poppers on, yellow ones to pop them together for night-time usage and white ones to make them smaller for smaller baby's. The inserts are quite thick and take longer than 'regular' ones to dry, but you can buy more of these separately if can't you wait to use the nappie. They washed really well with no smells or shrinkage. The inside of the nappie has a fold down and velcro seal to help keep the inserts in place.

The outer nappie is 'Minky' with Polyurethane Laminate (a waterproof layer), and this washed and dried really quickly. It has a stay-dry fleece like layer next to the skin, this is suedecloth. So no need for a liner, but we used one as i didn't want to risk staining this beautiful nappie!

The elasticated panels on the legs and back were very soft next to Lydia's skin, this helped in giving a comfortable fit. It fitted Lydia really well with lots of room to grow, so great value as it will last her ages!
The only extra feature that I'd like to see, would be to add one or two more poppers either side in a second row. This would give an even better fit as it won't allow the panels/flaps to slip out of place if your baby is a wriggler (as is mine). Lydia's bum did seem rather firm and large once she was fully clothed for bed. I could see this nappie being rather bulky on smaller babies, but so are most onesize nappies.

Lydia is quite a heavy night-time wetter, so i was hoping this nappie was upto it. In the morning Lydia was dry! I was amazed, no soggy clothes and no sore bottom. The nappie became quiet heavy as it was 'pee-soaked', but this is to be expected as with most inserts. And she was changed as soon as she woke anyway :)
I found this nappie to be very versatile. A great day nappie with just the main insert, add the extra 'night insert' for night-times, longer naps, car journeys, or for bigger babies and heavier wetters. Excellent!

Although these nappies are a bit more expensive than some other brands/styles (from £18.99), if you consider all of the above i think this nappie is well worth the price. They last ''forever'' (until potty training) and then can be handed down to another baby.

So if your looking for something extra special, long lasting, heavy wetter suited, then i recommend this nappie to you! You can buy yours, and other gorgeous stuff here;

                                                                     ~~~ Thankyou J ~~~

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