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Tuesday, 21 December 2010

Night nappie review 4 ~ Cheeks&Cherrie's: Bambooty Easy nights

After contacting J at Cheeks&Cherrie's i was sent two gorgeous nappies to test out for night time usage. This review is for the Bambooty Easy Nights.

Available in six colours and the following sizes; 

Small: up to 7kg

Medium: 6-11.5kg

Large: 10kg+

XL: 13kg+

We were originally sent a medium in pink, it seemed far to small to fit Lydia so i swapped it for a large. These nappies are designed to be low rise and a trim fit. However they do have a new XL night nappie that's designed as a high rise nappy for older toddlers and children at night time. I'd love to see this version available in the L size also.

The nappie came beautifully wrapped with some useful information about washing and care instructions, a free post returns policy and very helpful/friendly service.

I washed the nappie as per instruction, it dried really quickly (1 day) compared to other all-in-ones. I'm sure this was because of the flap-out boosters, 4x flap-out Bamboo Fleece (70%) and Organic Cotton (30%) boosters with hidden micro fibre. (12 layers of absorbency altogether). 2 extra layers compared to the 'Easy Dry' nappies for daytime use.

These fold in snugly to fit the outer nappie, made from polyester covered PUL. With suede cloth (stay-dry, like fleece) or Bamboo fleece (depends which flap you put on top) you don't have to add your own liner.

Lydia just fitted into the nappie, with the low rise style only just covering her bum. I like the fact that it use's popper fastenings as they give a 'safer' fit, especially seeing as Lydia's worked out how to un-do velcro nappies!!! She did seem a bit 'bottom heavy', with the bulk concentrated in a small area and giving her a wide gap between her legs. I feel this style of nappie would best fit a newborn (as in picture). I think the older/larger sizes should have thinner/longer flip-outs to make it more comfortable and less bulky.
The leg elastic was not as soft as some others, but it held in the flaps well and gave a good fit around chunk's thighs.

Then it was off to bed...

I woke to find a pee soaked baby :( Oh dear! Soggy through all the nappie and three layers of bed clothes. However it had safely contained her morning poo explosion!?! You can buy extra boosters for this nappies if your baby's a heavy wetter, i think we need some! But then she really will be weighed down with a huge bottom!

So in conclusion i think this style of nappie would best suit a slimmer/smaller baby, that's not a heavy wetter :)
If you are parent to the afore mentioned baby then great! You can get the nappies here; along with lots of other gorgeous stuff!

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  1. After doing more reasearch and talking to some other Bambooty users, i have found out that these particular nappies work fantastically after 10 pre-washes. Not 3!?! :) xxx


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