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Sunday, 19 December 2010

Night nappie review 3 ~ Baba & Boo

In my quest for the perfect night nappie we found Baba & Boo, Eve wanted to help and kindly sent us one of theirs to try. We recieved the gorgeous purple pocket nappie with popper system which allows the nappie to grow with your baby - a onesize nappie. (they fit from birth to potty-training (usually 35lb)).

I found the nappie to be very soft, inside and out. The inside is microfibre lined, this draws wetness away from baby's skin, keeping them dry and soft. It came with two microfibre inserts, one big, one booster. The outer layer is waterproof (made from PUL), which keeps all the soggyness inside the nappie! Also making it very hard wearing and durable.
I was greatfull of reciving the handy hints, tips and washing guide that they send out with each purchase. They include it to help you get the best out of your nappies! I followed the simple and clear instructions to wash the nappie, then waited for it to dry. It impressed me by drying within the day! Great if you are running short of nappies or have a few little nippa's!

The fit was really good on Lydia, the only slight amendment i'd make would be to add an extra popper or two on the side tabs. This would stop the tabs/flaps from slipping down/out if you have a wriggley baby, as i do! I have spoken to Eve and she has mentioned that they're working on new and improved nappies with some different features right now, these will include a few extra poppers. She also offered to send me one when they're ready so i can compare the two for her :)

I was sent this to use as a night-time nappie, however i woke to find Lydia had leaked! I think for night-time use you deffinatly need to add more inserts. Bamboo inserts would be great as they tend to absorb more. However this same nappie has recieved other rave reviews about it as a night nappie. I think this is dependant on how a 'heavy wetter' your baby is, rather than a sizing issue. Lydia wets quite alot over night and always has her 'morning poo'! This i feel was to much for the cute little nappie.
We also tried this nappie in the daytime and it was fab! So i'd say its great for a 2-3hr wear, and it contained a runny poop very well! With no explosions or leaks :)
At only £6 a nappie including two inserts and excellent service, i feel this is great value for money. It also come in a variety of other gorgeous colours and designs at Baba & Boo's website. There you can find other adorable items for your wee'ones, and fabulous gift ideas.


  1. oooh thanks! I am going to be using reusables... I put a bambino mio set on our baby gift list any good?

  2. Glad this helped,see my other reviews for more ideas :)
    There are so many different types of cloth nappies, The sort you end up with is down to your preference's really. I didn't get on with the Mio's we had but i have a friend who loves them!


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