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Thursday, 30 December 2010

Men & Boob's....

I am nearing a year on my journey of breastfeeding Lydia! I can hardly believe it.
Our journey began on the 21st January 2010, birth day!

Here's my breastfeeding-magazine article about the start of it all.
I've had mastitis, nipple thrush, Lydia on food strikes (accepting nothing but milk), self doubts, nipple eczema and been so run-down that i doubted my self and my supply.

I titled the post men & boob's as I'd like to thank Justin for being so great :) I doubt i would've been able continue at certain points without his encouragement and support.

Most people give up within the first few weeks or by 6mths. I think you need a good support team of friends, family, partner to have the confidence to continue.
I was worried what people will think of me, if my boob was showing to much, if was going to get nasty comments or looks. I think it was when we reached 6mths that i realised Lydia was no way near ready to wean, and she's still a baby. Nothing has changed since then, apart from now she says ''mum-nums'' when she wants her milk :)

The W.H.O (world health organisation) recommend a minimum of 2yrs. I really can't say how far we will make it, as we've gone from 0-11mths within the blink of an eye!

Justin has been great. When we talk of weaning he says ''Why? Why would you need to/want to? Lydia is still a baby and needs her milk, if your still happy to continue then whats the point of stopping? Just ignore what others says, the ill-educated comments of people. They don't know what's best for your child!''
As you can see, he is happy for us to continue, and he continues to offer his support and encouragement. A few of my friends are still nursing their baby's of the same age, some a little older. This really helps to spur me on as i never thought i would make it this far already! :)

I need some answers to give to people when they ask the dreaded question's....''So,when are you weaning her?'' , ''Why don't you just give her a bottle?'' etc.... Lydia never has accepted a bottle or dummy, and she is to old to start introducing a bottle now!?! Silly people.
I really feel like i shouldn't have to explain my parenting choice's to anyone and everyone. At the moment i have to keep justifying myself to others. I think my new years resolution relating to breastfeeding should be to respond with ''We'll wean when she's ready''.

Or maybe i should just moo???
Mumma's milk has all the vitamins and nutrients that she'd get from cow's milk, but it free!!!!!!!!!

Another great blog i follow The Leaky Boob, daddy's love milk! Lol ;p xx

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