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Thursday, 6 January 2011

Happy new year!

Hello folks :) Lydia and i would like to say ''Happy new year!'' to you all, and thankyou for reading :)

How are we all getting on with the resolutions? Anyone broken theirs yet?
Mine are going OK,i must admit that the re-cycling could improve! So far I've only remembered to hold back one bottle and one cardboard box! Two things are preventing my success, one is the flat is teeny and secondly i honestly keep forgetting! Bad habits (throwing it straight in the bin) are hard to shift.
I think i should add another resolution to my 7, to not use EBay as much!!! Its ridiculous now, constantly bidding (I'm sure that's a form of gabbling somehow?) Lydia so well dressed but i have nothing and I'm skint!

The tidying up more is going well, i am very pleased with my efforts! Before it was a nightmare as i had to entertain Lydia when she was awake and when she napped i could eat/rest. Now we making cleaning fun, her favorite game is throwing all the socks around whilst i try to pair them :)

Lydia is helping me have more fun and forget about the little (unnecessary) things in life.....

Me & Lydia on Christmas Eve'10

I am loving my life, enjoying everything i have got, and looking forward to the future. Watching Lydia grow, and hopefully expanding my family a bit more :)

Lydia & Justin (Daddy) on Christmas morning'10

Today Lydia has learnt how to climb up the furniture! Eek,now we're in trouble! Bookshelf, CD racks and TV stand - your all in trouble now!

She's had bad nappie rash and nothing has been helping. I tried several branded creams/lotions etc... I the end i asked the ladies over at The Leaky Boob for help. They suggested to use some good old...breastmilk!!!
So for a day now i have hand pumped about 2ml and dabbed it onto her affected areas at bum change time. And its working!!! So amazed by it, i thought the wetness of it wouldn't help but i was so wrong. All the redness/soreness and lumps have settled down and its nearly all gone :) so pleased with myself. Justin was also amazed when i told him how it'd improved so drastically that quick.
Breastfeeding is still going well, she seems to have had an increase in feeds again which i don't mind. We are still happy :)

Lydia's hair is growing, shes finally got hair all over her head (no bald spots,like daddy!hahahaha) Its golden blond with a small patch of brown at the back :) Just like how mine was as a baby.

I'm going to end this blog with a funny family picture. Hope you all have a great 2011!!! :) xxx

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  1. You have no idea how many images were in my head with the "hand pump" for breastmilk :P
    Happy New Year cuz! See you in a few weeks! xx


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