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Friday, 28 January 2011

Now you're 1, and other kinds of fun!

Sorry its been a-while since i last did a personal blog post. I've been rather manic and stressed out what with your birthday and all!

I can't believe its been 1 year and 1 week since i became a Mumma!
We had a little party for you and your friends. Pub lunch! (yes,it was for me really! hehe)
Thankyou to all who joined us, and we missed those who couldn't make it.

Your birthday cake, i made it all by myself :)

The time has just rushed by in the blink of an eye. I look back at photo's and it makes me sad to see how big and independent you've become, but happy that I've made you into a fit/happy and healthy boddler! (not a baby, but not quite yet a toddler!)

Being cheeky & posing for the camera

Your taking up to 8-10steps in a row now, trying to talk properly with the odd clear word coming out. You're very cheeky,independent and nosey. Off in your own little world like i was as a child :)

<--- Your first shoes 
 Off for a walk! --->

Today is the 6yr anniversary of me & daddy (Justin).

                                     I was (un-knowingly after 9mths of ttc) 4wks pregnant here :)

Jac-Jac & Grandad (mum&dad) are going to look after you tonight so me & daddy can go out for a nice romantic meal :) Our first proper 'date-night' in well over 2yrs!!!

I am really excited about it :) Hopefully we can have a nice stroll around the pavilion gardens, where we first kissed :) But its SUPER freezing out there tonight, lots of hugs and kisses on order me thinks!
Give you your last milk of the day then i can drink some pink cava to celebrate!

Now your growing up i am getting rather broody! Seeing teeny baby's in coffee shops and hearing tiny crys...I feel you need a brother or sister, a 2yr age gap would be nice :) Not to close but not to far apart either, and NO i am NOT pregnant at the moment!

We are still going strong with breastfeeding, a few weeks back i thought i may have to give-in...but we battled through the pains and we are back on track. Your teething got in the way, i had/have very sore painful and cracked nipples, and you were biting! You cut your first top four teeth all within 2days of each other!!! I had/have a cut that was bleeding, and my eczema was flaring up like crazy!?!
Since using some homeopathic remedies it has eased both of our pains and feelings of anxiety. I hope to continue our breastfeeding journey with less discomfort from now onwards :)

Anyways, i must go and make myself gorgeous to go do i do that again????


  1. aawww time has gone by so fast! shes such a cheeky little madam! :)
    Love the cake! we are having iggle piggle and a pirate ship for Luke :)
    enjoy your night out xx


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