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Monday, 24 January 2011

Review; Organix Goodies toddler snacks 12mths+

The lovely Sarah over at Organix sent us a box of goodies to review. The box contained lots of yummy 12mths+ snacks for my daughters 1st birthday party. There were between 10-15 children aged between 3mths-3yrs. But don't worry, only the 11mths+ children were eating the food :)
The items were from their Goodies range, which is aimed at 12mths+. The brightly coloured packaging was easily recognisable to the older children at the party.

The toddlers (18mths+) instantly saw the cereal bars, grabbed them and ran off. We had 1 of each flavour, (the cocoa & raisin being least popular, i was told it tasted like a very strong fig roll and it was spat out :( )

The bars were a favorite amongst the mums also. The no junk promise makes them very appealing as the kids think they're getting a treat, and the mums know its good for them. As they contain no additives, whole oats and are an excellent source of fibre :)
I would love to see a gluten-free version of these made, as i am a Coeliac and my daughter also has to follow my diet until she's been diagnosed.
These come in packs of 6x 30g bars at £2.25.

The favourite item had to of been the infamous mini gingerbread men! Great size to snugly fit into little hands. No sooner were these opened they were gone! A subtle hint of ginger, sweetened with grape juice, and no sugar. Another hit with the mums!
Again, i would like to see a gluten free alternative to these.

Available in 3 pack sizes ~ 135g for £1.99, 5packs of 25g for £1.99 or the limited edition tin pack containing 135g for £3.99.

The next exciting item were two Squeezy's! We had the blueberry, blackcurrant and pear flavour. These are super easy to use and so tasty (i had a sneaky sip of Lydia's!). The pouch and screw top lid makes them fantastic for on the go. And being 100% organic fruit there's no shame in giving them to your little ones as a quick and tasty treat :)

 Available in four different flavour variety's at a reasonable 89p each.

And to wash all of that down we had four fruit water's, 2 blackcurrant & apple, 2 apple/peach & apricot. Made with only water and real fruit juice (NOT from concentrate) these are a fantastic healthy juice-drink option for mums to go for, and kids love them! The traditional blackcurrant & apple flavour was a hit and the more unusual apple/peach & apricot was a new but loved flavour!

 Both yummy flavours are available to buy at 89p each, for 200ml.
You could re-use the bottles as they have a screw top lid and sports cap.

All of these items have the Organix 'No Junk Promise', which means no artificial colours,flavours or additives. Just nutritious, healthy and tasty products! And are aimed at 12mths+ supervised children. For more information on the Goodies range please visit the website. Where you can also meet the characters on the packaging :)

We love Organix food and will continue to. I hope to see lots more yummy products in the future, including more gluten-free items.
So if your having a toddler party, or simply just want your toddler to eat well, then these are some great ideas for food & drinks to keep them satisfied.

The Organix website has a fun & games section where you can get ideas for party games, recipes and more!
Don't forget to collect your barcodes and jar-codes!

Organix products can be brought direct from Organix online shop or from stores such as; Boots, Sainsburys, Health food shops. Until the end of February you can get free delivery at the online shop by quoting 'freedel2' at the checkout :)

Thankyou for reading, i hope you enjoy some tasty healthy Organix snacks soon :)


  1. Sounds Yummy!
    Sorry we missed the birthday party - blooming working mum stuff. Looking forward to hear about Lydias First Birthday!

  2. Jasmin likes the banana and dates bars but they don't seem to sell them anywhere anymore!!!

  3. try the shops i sujested, meanwhile i will email my contact at Organix and ask her about there whereabouts :)


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