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Friday, 4 February 2011

Review: Lotus Olbas tissues

I was sent a box of the new size Lotus Olbas tissue's to try (rrp £2.29). Available at Boots, Sainsburys and many other large retailers.

I could smell the Olbas before even opening the box, the scent was very refreshing and instantly aided clearer breathing.
The box size is great if you have a cold/flu and have to stay indoors for a period of time.
I found that the scent clings onto your skin, so becarefull if feeding a baby/touching your mouth etc... It doe's not taste nice!
I had had a bunged up nose and used these throughout the day. They cleared up my blocked sinus's but in turn gave me a headache after having the strong scent around me all day.
They are very soft and kind to your skin, normally after a day of nose blowing my skin is red and sore. With these i didn't experience any of that discomfort.
So if your after some powerful tissues to see you through the sniffles, then these are for you! :)

Also available in single packs (rrp 59p) and 6pks (rrp £1.49)...

Or see the website for more information

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