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Thursday, 28 April 2011

Review: Village Bakery ~ Gluten and Wheat free products

The lovely Fran from  The Village bakery sent me over some of their gorgeous food to review. Included in my bundle were; Apricot slices, Date slices, 4bars seeds, 4bars fruit, 4bars nuts, ginger cake, rich fruit cake slices, rye bread and rye & coriander bread.

I am a Coeliac and have to follow a strict diet containing no wheat, gluten, malt, rye, barley or oats. This meant i was unable to try the bread or slices. However, Justin is sensitive to eating to much wheat so he tried out these for me :)

Justin tried the Apricot and Date slices first....


He found them to be a bit dry, much better to have them with a cup of tea rather than a snack by on its own. But he enjoyed the tasty chewy fruits inside them. A berry version would be nice.
We wondered if it was possible for them to be made without the barley malt? Then Coeliacs could also enjoy them. Being a man he thought the size of them was small, and had to eat two in one sitting!
These vegetarian friendly bars are made without wheat or yeast and have reduced sodium. Priced at £2.25 i thought they were a good price for 4 healthy and yummy snacks.

Next up it was the Rye bread, and Rye with Coriander bread....


Justin had never tried Rye bread before so he didn't know what to expect from it. When he first sliced it he found it quite hard to cut, describing it as a brick! It felt tough, stiff and stodgy, i mentioned that Rye bread is quite 'heavy' like that and he was happy. He described the flavour to be very strange, it was quite dry and hard to chew. I suggested that he toast it and melt butter on it, like a sun loaf or something. He enjoyed the flavour of it more once it was warmed through, but he said he wouldn't eat it again. Being a lover of coriander i thought the Rye&Coriander loaf would go down a storm with him, but no. He was really put off by the nasty colour and smell. He reluctantly tried it and didn't like it at all. I think his view would change if he 'had' to eat wheat free all the time, his taste buds would change.
Priced at £1.55 for a 400gram loaf, i think this is a great price considering other wheat free bread can cost up to £3 a loaf! Its also available with sultanas, i bet that's yummy toasted with butter!

The four bars come in three different variety's. Fruits, Nuts and Seeds.
Vegetarian and with no added fat these are a great healthy snack to just grab when your on the go, or put into your bag for later. Really lovely texture that's soft and not to chewy.
The fruit one contains apricot, date and orange. I'd love to see a berry version, cranberry, raspberry and blueberry maybe?

The nut bars contain cashew, walnut, hazelnut and almonds. Yummy indeed! These helped me through my nasty spout of morning sickness, a nice healthy snack with no over powering strong flavours. These ran out very quickly and i needed to buy more!

The seed bars contain pumpkin, sunflower, linseed and sesame. These were also a fantastic emergency snack, excellent to give you a little elevenses boost without ruining your appetite for lunch. I did find them a little dry. But all of the bars are moist enough to hold together without being to soft or gooey.

For 4bars/170grams at £2.25 i think the price is great. They are decent sized bars that will leave you happy and wanting more! Also being Organic, very low fat and sodium is an added bonus!

The rich fruit cakes slices come in pack of 5, lots of yummy cake to share. Or not, as these are the moistest, juiciest and tastiest gluten and wheat free cake bars i have EVER tried. (and i like cake! lol) I was so impressed with these. Rich and filling but so yummy and like a treat, defiantly a tea time speciality. I am certainly going to buy more (lots more) and have them at Christmas with some brandy cream, mmmmm....
I let my 15mth old daughter try these, she was that impressed that she said 'CAKE! Mmmm' for the very first time! At £2.65 for a 5pk/200grams, Get in my belly!

The Ginger cake is a lovely treat, and i also found out that it helps with morning sickness! With bits of stem ginger hidden in amongst the moist, tasty sponge-like loaf cake. A soft gingerly flavour that's not to over-whelming is wonderful, a perfect accompaniment to a nice cup of tea.
£3.50 for a 300gram loaf is a good price, your average price of a cake this size I'd say. To know that both of these items have been made in a dedicated wheat and gluten free factory is really pleasing. The last thing i need (being pregnant) is to be ill from cross contamination, no worries with The Village Bakery Melmerby :)

All of the packaging is excellent to! The brightly coloured, easily identifiable packaging is mostly 95% recyclable. And they all clearly state the allergens, health benefits and other needed information. Great!

Available from Sainsbury's (Free From Aisle), Waitrose, Fresh and Wild, Planet Organic and all good health food stores across the UK. Not all items are available in every shop, so please check online first or order directly from here ~

Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Its time to put my boobs away....for now!

Lydia has decided that she's all grown up, her need for Independence has outgrown her love of the boob! At 14mths and 14days old exactly, she decided enough was enough and that she didn't want anymore boobie!

That was 3.3wks ago now.
Am i in pain? have my breasts exploded with the over-load of milk?............

......No is your answer. Why, how? Well let me tell you my secret, I'm pregnant!!! :)

I know that this maybe a large contributing factor to Lydia's weaning, however i am sure the baby is 'using' up the milk. Hence no pain, mastitis, swelling etc.... Not exactly using it as Lydia were, but using the energy and all the goodness that's used to produce it :) Still that's not stopped them from shrinking already! :( From a 36G i am now a 38DD, still a nice handful but not a G!!! Anyways i am sure they will return with the birth of the new baby.

At 13mths old Lydia out-right refused the breast, this would've been when i was around 2wks pregnant and my hormones began to change, her way of telling me. The taste of my milk was changing, the baby was changing it :) After nearly 5days she came back, after i gave her some expressed milk in a sippy-cup, it made her want more boobie!

So now I'm going to be a mum of two! Eeeek!!!!!! Scary but amazing all the same.
I am now 12.5wks pregnant, and already having to wear my maternity clothes. Here is baby....

I'm sure it'll be tough having a newborn and a 21mth old toddler, but we wanted an age gap of around 2yrs. After a few months into being a mum of two i think Lydia will be old enough to do a few hours at a play-school, just as baby begins to be active :)

It feels like such a relief to finally post this! We've known about the pregnancy from 6wks gone and I've had this blog ready since i was 10wks, so eager to post it but desperate to have my scan first. Also it was becoming rather difficult to hide the bump in this gorgeous weather we are having :) Bump at 12.2wks....

Its going to be a BIG baby, lol :) xxx

Thursday, 14 April 2011

Review: Mother's en'Vouge ~ Goddess drape nursing /maternity dress

Mischa over at Mother's en'Vouge sent me their beautiful Goddess drape dress to review. I received it in black, but its also available in Mauve and Teal as shown in the pictures below.

Size's are XS, S, M, L or XL. I chose the XL as i have massive boobs! I am usually around a size 14-16, and i found this dress was a great fit for me. Leaving room for other tops to go underneath. The A -line silhouette with loosely draped overlay fits many body shapes. 
It's made of 95% Modal and 5% Spandex/Elasthanne, made in Singapore where the company is based.
I love the little comment on the label inside...''For the stylish mom who loves her child, herself and mother nature''

The dramatic draped overlay with fluid gathers cascading from the shoulders and neckline, and sweeping down to one side of the hemline opens out to be the breastfeeding access panel, and you pull the flap over top part of the dress down over your breast to feed. Its a very spacious panel which can double up as a nursing cover or thin blanket for your baby. However if feeding from the right breast (and not wearing another top underneath) you would be very exposed as the panel would be fully opened out showing both breasts.
I like teaming it up with a polo neck top for warmth, or a vest that go's unseen if the weather is warmer.

This soft, flowing dress gives adequate room for a growing baby bump without being clingy or restrictive. Currently without a baby bump i found the dress to be quite baggy and sack like in shape. I made a quick fix of this by adding a few accessories. Wearing some cropped leggings, a red nurse's style belt just under my boobs, matching red bracelets and necklace turned this into a Hot Mama's outfit! I wore it out for an evening and received many a complement :) You could do so many different things with this dress, its gorgeous go for it!

The Singapore based company's website is priced in Singapore dollars. This dress is priced at SGD 89.90, which is roughly £44.99. An average price for a designer dress.Stocking many other gorgeous items of maternity and nursing wearing, they currently have a few offers on certain dresses so go check them out.

Their home page is here;

Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Review: Baby Born Free ~ Teether gum brush 6mths+ & 14oz/400ml Twist'n'Pop easy drink straw cup 12mths+

The lovely Anne over at Baby Born Free sent us some of their products to review. For my cheeky teething toddler we received a teether gum brush and a twist'n'pop easy drinkstraw cup.

The Silicone Teething Ring and Gumbrush is made from medical grade silicone and is 100% free of Bisphenol-A, Phthalates and PVC.
Suitable from 6mths+. I thought it was quite a large product, unsure if a 6mth old could fit much of it in their mouths? It has a very generous handle allowing mummy to help, or to attach it to some hoops so you don't loose it when out and about in the buggy.

Designed by a Pediatric Dentist for babies of 6 months and up, the multi-purpose teether helps cleans teeth of plaque and bacteria from day one while stimulating and massaging baby’s gums.
This is great for young baby's to get used to a brush sensation on their gums and for older baby's who are fussy about real toothbrush's. However, Lydia (14mths) found it highly amusing to stick the whole brush head into her mouth and chew/suck on it to make it really wet then fling it around the house. Covering everything and everyone in saliva and the teether kept picking up dirt and dust each time it was dropped, now 'wash it' i hear you say.... you try taking something off a toddler without a fight!

The Teether can be stored in the refrigerator and features an easy-grip handle and 3 different textures to enhance tactile sensation. Lydia seemed to enjoy chewing the handle best, i think this is because it has grooves in. She could slot the teeth she has already into the grooves allowing them to push the teether up onto her gummy areas :)

I do feel the price is rather steep for what it is, £7.99 for a single teether. Considering you'll probley need more than one, ouch on your purse strings! £4.99 would be more reasonable, or even a deal if you purchase more than one? I know Boots have Baby Born Free products on a 3for2 at the moment :)

These teether's and other versions are available to buy from Baby Born Free directly, or other good retailers. They come in and Pink and Blue, priced at £7.99 each.


The BPA-Free plastic, 14oz. (400ml) Twist'NPop Straw Drinking Cup features a hygenic pop-up straw mechanism. You just twist the clear plastic lid and the straw pops up! Simples!
After a day trip including a visit to the sandpit, we found the cup quite hard to use. The easy twist top became rather stiff and un-willing to move and was very hard to remove to clean off. I managed to remove it a sink of hot soapy water with my marigolds on! Haha. However the straw and spout are very easy to remove and clean.

Designed for a comfortable mess free drinking expierience, the 14oz body is interchangeable with other Born Free bottles and cups. I don't agree that this is a mess free cup, Lydia ended up wearing most of her water rather than drinking it :( If you tip the cup up the drink spills out the straw spout, if you drop the cup the drink spurts out into a puddle, if you gently squeeze the bottle then the drink fountains out of the straw spout! This was much to Lydia's amusment as soon as she realised all of this she set herself the task of empting it as quickly as she could without drinking it! 


The cup is aimed at 12mths+ usage. Due to the large size and ease of water damage caused i would say its more suitable for 18mths+ or an angel child at 12mths+ :)

Available in Pink, Green, Blue or Yellow and priced at £5.99 i think is average for the product it is. Levelling in price and colour range with other similar products available.

You can buy yours from Baby Born Free here, or other good retailers.